[A] Reanimated · 8/8 Heroic DS · 3 Day

Burning Legion
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Looking for new players to come get legendaries then transfer! PST in-game for more info.
i would like to participate in this please.........oh wait
Come talk to us. We're so lonely in this corner of the server.
This guild is full of exciting and amazing people. they like to sing on vent and have dance parties in game...pst syrio with the phrase "i let my dog lick nutella of my lower body" with a winky face at the end for a good time and insta guild inv. We need a new gchat foul mouthed hooker, our dearly beloved farmer left us :(
Reanimated is now accepting all class/specs for MOP, if you have any questions message me in game.
Yes, how it goes!
good man how you been? great to see an old school badass warrior still smashing in the old stomping grounds. Thinking about getting semi-serious for panda time.
For sure!

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