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As a member of the playerbase, I would like to apologize to Mike Morhaime and the blizzard staff and to George for them having to go through something like this. It's no fun.
I can't help but think that this was a test to see bow much complaining is needed before they get what they want. Now the question is, what "cause" will be next? .

Eh, it was obvious how it was all going to end. I don't see why it's surprising he finally made an apology. He told people what they wanted to hear. It's good business. Did he sincerely mean it? Maybe, maybe not. I doubt he sat around reflecting on it, or really gave it a lot of thought. Either way, he calmed people down so that they'll get over it and move on.

Personally, it was really blown out of proportion by overly sensitive people... but it did make some entertaining forum drama for a few days. I'm sure it won't be the last time we'll see another cause of the moment get some reaction from a VIP at Blizzard. Grats on getting what you wanted this time!

On the whole horde vs. alliance thing... I don't think they should be expected to remain faction neutral. I kind of like that they get into their game enough to pick sides.

Because Blizzard always likes to make little jokes about the alliance, and what's going on is almost lop sided for the horde, like in cats we took one camp in the barrens while the allies lost a bunch of ground, yes most of that is due Garrosh's over zealousness, but where was Virian? didn't he even try to retaliate? Also, did you look at our racial line up? we got worgen, with a cold they can't seem to get rid of, boring humans, space goats, night elves, tiny drunken vikings (a cool but under played race), and smaller techno midgets. And there is the horde who's only lame race is the overly feminine blood elves.

Did you read wolfheart? Varian is going to be a major ba. He almost kills Garrosh. And who knows, he may in MoP. But the horde has goblins, which are worse than gnomes, blood elfs and mancows, and smelly undead.

I also think that Alliance quests and flavor texts are more awesome than Horde. For instance, we have John Keeshan. We also have the 7th Legion:

"Through the valleys and peaks of Mount Hyjal, across the shifting sands of Silithus, against the Legion's dread armies - we have fought. We are the nameless, faceless, sons and daughters of the Alliance. By the Light and by the might of the Alliance, the first strike belongs to us and the last strike is all that our enemies see.

We are 7th Legion."

Granted, my Horde experience has been limited, but I haven't come across anything that compares.
10/27/2011 07:39 PMPosted by Thelootgnome
Thank you, sir. While I was personally not offended by the video, I did find it being shown even in a censored form to be in poor taste. I sincerely hope that a lesson has truly been learned from this event.
I agree Thelootgnome.

Thank you for the apology Blizzard.
This apology feels weird.

He shouldn't have to apologize for something that obviously had no ill intent.

But cool. Maybe there we be less posts about it now.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this statement. It was never about Horde vs Alliance, it was an up cry against the blatant display of homophobia and advocacy for self harm at Blizzcon. It heartens me that it has been recognized, and that most of all it wasn't an "if" based "apology"! You see way too many of those lately :)
This apology feels weird.

He shouldn't have to apologize for something that obviously had no ill intent.

So if you're at the beach throwing a frisbee around, and accidentally hit an innocent beachgoer in the face, would you feel it right to apologize? Or, seeing as there was no ill intent, simply retrieve your toy and walk away?

For me, the heart of the issue was that the video clip played completely undermined Blizzard's own standards. Mike has addressed this for me in his apology and I really appreciate that he gave it. I think a lot of Blizzard as a company and would like to continue to do so.

Thanks guys,

Thank you. I was pretty critical of the original situation and the initial forced apology.

This is exactly the kind of apology and awareness that the situation needs, though. Without it, it appeared that Blizzard was condoning - even encouraging - the kind of behavior that many of us feel hurts the WoW community and our culture in general. The youthful and impressionable gamers who look up to Blizzard need to understand that those kind of slurs are just as wrong as ni**er or spear-chu**er would be.

If anyone thinks an apology wasn't necessary, then you need to reread Mike Morhaime's thoughtful words.
I was fine with the original apology but this is great too.

Much appreciated.

Is there going to be any punitive action for this? Samwise Didier should face some kind of reprimand from this

Stop being petty and vindictive.

Are you so ignorant as to believe the lead singer of a band is the only decision maker? Did you even watch the video and bother to think about it?

How ironic that your complaint was about words and yet you are so imprecise and just wrong in your own word choice. You think Mike Morhaime isn't just as much a part of L90ETC as Samwise is? Open your eyes and use your brain.

Everyone in L90ETC is a Blizz employee, including the CEO. Sadly, Blizz had to nerf even the original apology so people who didn't get it could get it.
I'm very disappointed in Blizzard for showing that video.
Thank you for the apology Mr Morhaime.

While not personally overly offended by a guy nerd raging over the game, you can see how easily it would make someone feel uncomfortable or discriminated against especially when played within the context it was. As they say hindsight is always 20/20.

Thank you for listening to your community and showing them the respect to reply to them. That in itself is a sign of the real integrity Blizzard does possess as both a company and as individual members of said company. Mistakes are just that mistakes, acknowledging them allows all of us to move on and get on with what we all enjoy - which is World of Warcraft.

*hugs *comfort

Handled BEAUTIFULLY, Mr. Morhaime. You ALWAYS show such a level of competence, capability and genuine personal interest in The Blizzard Community; YOUR Community. <3

Thank You for keeping such a sincere interest & well-cultivated affinity for us.

I personally feel that you always mean what you say, & I believe the great majority do too. ^^

Thank You for your kind & earnest apology. It goes a great long way to mending those who've been confused & crushed by an homage to an ugly speech, (that may have been meant to re-fuel the World PvP fires between Alliance/Horde,) but still You recognized the mistake in hindsight, & admitting to it & apologizing for it, when it comes from a sincere place in You, Mr. Morhaime, goes a great long way!

Sincerely Yours,
Sugarleaf <3
Mr Morhaime - unlike some, i realise that the CEO and Presidents of this world, don't write their own apologies, nevertheless, thank your PR team for a professional one.

Still, I'd smack whoever had prior knowledge of that one, anyone with a little commonsense could see that huge disaster waiting to happen.
i've looked everywhere and cant seem to find this video that has ppl so offended..
I don't see why it happened to begin with. It's just a faction in a video game. Who cares? We're all humans playing the same game at the end of the day.
I'm sorry, but, an apology was not needed. If anything, that video proves a big point - people take this game and it's culture -way- too seriously. Corpsegrinder is one of the nicest people I have ever met and he's a passionate gamer to boot. He plays Horde and hates Alliance. So what?

The point is, people need to get a grip and quit pretending that they dictate the culture of Blizzard. I bet samwise is drawing a bunch of whiny babies with warcraft t-shirts on as we speak.

This. I play Alliance and I wasn't offended. Nice of him to apologise though, even though it might set a bad precedent with people demanding official apologies for even sillier things.

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