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what was this about can someone post a link to what Mike is appologising for? tbh it was probably nothing, just a bumch of people over reacting.
I think most people have moved on. After all, in the internet age attention spans are measured in
It almost sounds like the people who are offended at the idea of an apology are more offended than the people who were initially offended in the first place!

Man, it's a good thing we have such valiant guardians of justice to protect us from the terrors of political correctness and tact!
Wow. Just, wow. I'm disgusted with this community. I literally want to throw up reading these responses.

Guess what, kiddies? This is all just one big PR spin. I doubt any of them really feel sorry about this and I'm with them. Me and the 12 other people watching the concert that night at my place laughed our collective butts off when his intro was played. I'm just picturing you guys with your noses in the air all "quite, quite, mmm, yess, about time, mmm, yess".

The only mistake Blizzard made was assuming that it's player base had a sense of humor. Now they know better.

Corpsegrinder for prez.


You watch Blizzard remove anything that might be considered insulting from the game now stupid mothers groups CENSORING everything.
Without a doubt, one of the most sincere apologies made by a 'corporation.' Personally, it's much appreciated, despite its necessity.

I am not gay, but I do appreciate the rights of every individual.
Apology accepted.
If you have no idea what the apology is for or that it is not warranted, then move along this was not meant for you.
As a gay gamer myself, on one hand it was handled less than perfectly and stuff like that can cause problems but really this is the society we live in.

The fact that anything offends people anymore is beyond me. Apology accepted I suppose.
That apology works for me.
I'd like to see the general level of understanding get better, but there's a lot of hate in the way. Thank you, Mr. Morhaime, for helping that process along.
Thanks man, that's all we wanted, was to be sure you 'get it'. Cheers.
I'm glad this issue is over with and I'm satisfied with this apology.
10/28/2011 01:12 AMPosted by Rideout
Thanks man, that's all we wanted, was to be sure you 'get it'. Cheers.

Totally agree. The original video was only half the problem - the other half was the attitude from Blizzard and some parts of the community that it wasn't offensive. It's important for Blizzard to show that they understand what the problem was and that they try to communicate that to their forum-pvp fanboy base. To repeat my earlier post - what would any of you have thought if the term ni**er was used instead of fa**ot? Why would you think one is less offensive than the other? Would any of you have used either term while giving a presentation on stage to a group of thousands of people?
As a leader of Blizzard, and a member of the band, I truly hope you will accept my humblest apology.

– Mike Morhaime
President, Blizzard Entertainment

Thank you very much, appology accepted :)

I watched the entire Blizzcon via Virtual ticket, the only thing I didn´t see was the closing concert. I was offended by what I have read since then....

What offended me the most was not details, since I don´t know them... But the fact that Blizzard allowed this towards one faction of their game, customers....
I really wounder how it would have sounded if a bad went on stage and insulted the Horde.

So since it feels like Alliance falls in the shadows at Blizzcon´s, I appriciate the appology that this in fact was to far:)
Adding another sincere 'thank you' here. I was really concerned when I heard about this, and it's really nice to see that Blizzard is willing to own up to it and give us a genuine apology.
Thank you for the apology.

I'm just kind of horrified by many people's reaction to it. Ok you're not offended, that's great, good for you, but this isn't about you.

I am a teacher irl (which is why I'm hiding on an alt :P), and I'm not going to pretend to know everything, but the kids who are struggling with their sexuality also always seem to be the ones in couselling, the ones self harming, the ones who don't have steady homes etc. That's not every kid who is gay for sure, but a lot of kids dealing with sexuality related stuff are *struggling* really hard. A lot of them indulge in escapist behaviour, if they're lucky that's gaming. They play wow and they see this stuff.

They don't need more of that crap here. They also don't need to be blamed for what they're feeling and how they're reacting and be told to just 'not let it bother them' by a bunch of forum trolls. Life isn't that simple and easy, especially when you're not an adult and all of this is new to you and you're dealing with all of the other stuff that comes with it (increased rates of suicide, self harm, youth homelessness, substance abuse etc). Those kids deserve a safe space somewhere to get away from it.

And they do need people to speak up for them where they can't themselves, so good on the people that pushed this. Thank you as well.

And yes how cliche, I've become the think of the kids person :/ But the point remains that it's not actually all about you if you don't find what was said offensive. Try to see it from somoene else's point of view for once. If this apology helps even one person feel less !@#$ty and excluded because of who they are it's a good thing imo.
I rejected the earlier apologies. This one, however, said what needs to be said. Apology accepted, Mister Morhaime. I know this can't have been a pleasant experience for you guys, but this post you made shows humility mixed with dignity.

Thank you, sir.

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