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10/28/2011 01:39 AMPosted by Vercingetrix
Alliance, and more specifically the LGBT community you have the right to be offended, but at the same time people should have the right to offend you. If it is not so then life is boring. But if your stuck on not being offended find a good hole to bury your head in.

That's probably the worst logic I've ever heard of.

"People should have the right to offend you"??? Rofl. That's just... Rofl...

I'm well aware of how conflict makes the world go round, but in places where conflict SHOULD exist, then sure. Your logic makes sense. When we're all just gamers playing a video game, there shouldn't be conflict simply because we chose A and you chose B.

Now when you're in a PvP match of Arena, BGs, or World PvP, then sure. There's conflict and plenty of name-calling / your mom jokes and whatnot, but when it's just general gameplay, people shouldn't "have the right to offend us", and no one should be getting physically attacked IN REAL LIFE, OVER A VIDEO GAME.

On Topic: As much as I appreciate an official apology, I'll fully put this behind us once we get an official War/Battle Cry.

"We'll Keep Trying!" and "Have Mercy!" definitely do not cut it :(
Thank you for the apology.

I'm just kind of horrified by many people's reaction to it. Ok you're not offended, that's great, good for you, but this isn't about you.

I am a teacher irl (which is why I'm hiding on an alt :P), and I'm not going to pretend to know everything, but the kids who are struggling with their sexuality also always seem to be the ones in couselling, the ones self harming, the ones who don't have steady homes etc. That's not every kid who is gay for sure, but a lot of kids dealing with sexuality related stuff are *struggling* really hard. A lot of them indulge in escapist behaviour, if they're lucky that's gaming. They play wow and they see this stuff.

They don't need more of that crap here. They also don't need to be blamed for what they're feeling and how they're reacting and be told to just 'not let it bother them' by a bunch of forum trolls. Life isn't that simple and easy, especially when you're not an adult and all of this is new to you and you're dealing with all of the other stuff that comes with it (increased rates of suicide, self harm, youth homelessness, substance abuse etc). Those kids deserve a safe space somewhere to get away from it.

And they do need people to speak up for them where they can't themselves, so good on the people that pushed this. Thank you as well.

And yes how cliche, I've become the think of the kids person :/ But the point remains that it's not actually all about you if you don't find what was said offensive. Try to see it from somoene else's point of view for once. If this apology helps even one person feel less !@#$ty and excluded because of who they are it's a good thing imo.

I am so damned glad to see a clearly worded post on what the actual issues are underlying the words used and why they matter so much. Will you have my virtual babies?
Thank you, Blizzard and Mr. Morhaime. Though you guys didn't really need to apologize a 2nd time round. 8< I love you all the same.
Honestly, I feel like the first apology was plenty. While it's nice to see it come from the top guy, I feel like now there's other things that we should focus on rather than just who is sorry for what.
Alliance, and more specifically the LGBT community you have the right to be offended, but at the same time people should have the right to offend you. If it is not so then life is boring. But if your stuck on not being offended find a good hole to bury your head in.

On Topic: As much as I appreciate an official apology, I'll fully put this behind us once we get an official War/Battle Cry.

"We'll Keep Trying!" and "Have Mercy!" definitely do not cut it :(

Honestly, I think the Alliance warcry, or at least human warcry, should be obvious:

"By Blood and Honor We Serve!"

To simply for situations when shouting an entire phrase is not optimal, you can cut it down to "By Blood and Honor!" or something similar.

Perhaps it can be "adopted" after Varian becomes High King and finally unites the Alliance under a single banner, though I know a lot of Alliance players don't like that idea to begin with.
10/27/2011 11:23 PMPosted by Dreamraven
I can't help but think that this was a test to see bow much complaining is needed before they get what they want. Now the question is, what "cause" will be next? Should they combine horde and alliance into a new universal faction so there will never be another remark by anyone? The fact that this was blown out of proportion until an apology was given makes me wonder if I should play a game with so many immature players.

Sorry you don't want to hear about it, but the community is pretty diverse, very involved with this game and with the CULTURE that grows up around it. That means if something is messed up, prejudiced, sexist, inciting crappy values, etc. we are going to say something. If we have to interact with others in-game, there is a slice of real life going on in there, and a code of conduct. And if we interact at a real-life convention, we definitely have to be cool in our words and actions. So get over this idea that there are 'special interest causes' that don't apply to you. This is for EVERYONE to be able to play and enjoy the culture we are building.
I don't feel the need to accept this. This is trash to me. This video was played (after being recorded years ago) to knowingly hurt a specific faction (and vicariously sexual orientation) of consumers that pay just as much money as horde characters. Who was the joke for Horde players? Honestly, why have two factions or why even play the game if Blizzard and it's Employees are already so one sided in it's actions.
This is a very acceptable apology, because it doesn't attempt to also make excuses--by claiming it was just a joke--like the other one did.
THIS is an apology.
Thanks Blizz!
Thank you Blizzard for admitting what was done was wrong and owning up to the fact that you didn't show good judgement.

To those coming here and defending what was said, please just stop.

To those who keep saying "words don't hurt", you're fooling yourselves.

To those who are asking more to be done, i'm sure it will, outside of public sight.

To those who keep saying the band isn't part of Blizzard, you're right, but Blizzard allowed the video to be played at their own convention, so Blizzard has to take responsibility for all actions.

Dear members of the Blizzard community,

I have read your feedback and comments about this year’s BlizzCon, and I have also read the feedback to the apology from Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain. I’d like to respond to some of your feedback here.

As president of Blizzard, I take full responsibility for everything that occurs at BlizzCon.

It was shortsighted and insensitive to use the video at all, even in censored form. The language used in the original version, including the slurs and use of sexual orientation as an insult, is not acceptable, period. We realize now that having even an edited version at the show was counter to the standards we try to maintain in our forums and in our games. Doing so was an error in judgment, and we regret it.

The bottom line is we deeply apologize for our mistakes and for hurting or offending anyone. We want you to have fun at our events, and we want everyone to feel welcome. We’re proud to be part of a huge and diverse community, and I am proud that so many aspects of the community are represented within Blizzard itself.

As a leader of Blizzard, and a member of the band, I truly hope you will accept my humblest apology.

– Mike Morhaime
President, Blizzard Entertainment

Dear Mike and the rest of the Blizzard staff, anyone who felt offended by this video should not be playing the GAME called WoW because they are taking it way too seriously. Therefore your apology even that was accepted was not needed.
What the heck does someone expect from L80ETC and the horde loving core of Blizzard hangers on.. The whole idea of "Alliance Suck" is to fire people up.. On both sides.

As an alliance nerd, I was not insulted or disappointed.. It is part of the schick and we expect this bad behavior from you lesser life forms.

I would like to see the development of tier sets taken out of the hands of the Horde lovers.. Paladin gear should look like something a holy warror would choose.. not something a horde loving butthead thinks is cool.


Am really happy to see this. A very classy apology.

As for firing people -- come on guys, people make mistakes. It was an error in judgment. Let's all move on.

Thank you very much for taking the time to make an official apology. I was fairly sure the hurtful sentiments were nothing you guys would want to endorse, but I definitely appreciate seeing the confirmation of that. :)

Again, I couldn't care less about the Alliance bashing in the video. Admittedly it does get annoying, but that's what happens when you put your main in the less popular faction. :P Good for Blizzard for seeing past all the Horde vs. Alliance noise and recognizing the real issue with the video, and thank you for being willing to make a sincere apology like this.
As far as I am concerned that was what needed to be done. Had it been done early on, I think most would have been fine with it, and much less ado over it.

We all make mistakes, but if you do not see it as a mistake, it likely will not change. It has now been admitted, apologized for, and assurance given it will not happen again.

Time to get back to the game.

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