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Thank you!
what's going on here? can someone show me the video?
Being an alliance-only member, I was never insulted by what was said. I'm sure many of us (essp on pvp servers) thought the same things. What I was insulted by was that the video was played during a blizzard event-dispite the perpetual horde favoritism accusations. It was unprofessional.

I fully accept your apology.

The issue I have now going forward is what about the alliance members who were assaulted during the event for showing faction pride? Granted I understand you're not responsible for the actions of non-employees; but do you think alliance members would feel safe at future events wearing an alliance shirt?
This is the first time I have seen this happen where I actually believed the boss was accepting responsiblity.

THank you.

BTW, I meant to post this yesterday, but got busy...
Saying I was offended might have been stretching it, but I certainly thought it was in poor taste. All it ever needed was a simple statement accompanying the performance that "the views expressed by L90ETC aren't necessarily shared by Blizzard Entertainment" and it would have been fine.

I can't believe all the event organizers looked at that video before the concert and no one said "this might not go over so well"...
Nice apology, but it did take a week to get it. It's also a shame to see that the horde bias is not addressed - as it was clearly expressed in the other part of the video - and there remains no mention of the possible injuries sustained from those comments within the video, that leaves me to wonder if those issues are as of yet unresolved.

Apology or not, I believe it is unfortunate that anyone thought this was ok in the first place. The apology is one step needed out of many to restore what was lost as a result of the showing of this video.

What happened was extremely serious, with repercussions that may not be realize for some time.

I'm not saying this to troll or upset anyone, I'm saying this as a customer who is trying to remind people that incidents like this have long lasting effects on a company.
Classy. I like it.

Well done, Blizzard! You're real people after all! :P
Dang right!

Yay for Mike Morhaime!

I'm all for conflict between horde and alliance, but that video was very uncalled for. Glad to see Mr. Morhaime admiting it. Thanks Mr. Morhaime.
Thank you!
All I wanted. Thank you.

Now I can spend my money on more product... great.
very nice apology. thank you.
Thank you.

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