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I am not involved in any of the blizzcon event, but from seeing the forums, this post was the right move instead of the post the band made earlier.

From that earlier post, the band noted that everything was meant to be fun. While it might have been okay for some people, for others, it clearly indicated that blizzard as a company was acting completely different than the promises to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

I am glad that the president himself did something like this, Kudos to you, Mr Morhaime. It makes me proud to be your customer. But I do hope that you folks at Blizzard learnt something from this lesson and not repeat it in the future.
Thanks, Bashiok! Or Mike, as it may be.
Thank you for the apology. We all make mistakes, and from them we learn. I am glad to hear that Blizzard was not dismissive of how the LGBT community in the game felt about the video.

Together in this all of us can move forward.
The apology was fine. In fact, the first apology was fine IMO, but whatever. Let's move on.

<moving on...>

See,, said it wouldn't be enough.

You still have people not accepting the apology and demanding for people to get fired.

Some will be upset that the wind was knocked out of their sails. They are the ones who want to be upset. Best to just ignore them and they will eventually deflate completely.
Pardon my skepticism, but I find it difficult to shrug off an intolerant tirade as an "error in judgement". That's a cop out. NOT dropping slurs such as those used the offending video is standard practice in any business in this country, and how any of you, presumed paragons of the video game industry, were stupid enough to let this happen is completely beyond me. Presumably there are rules which prohibit such language between Blizzard employees. Apparently, extending the same courtesy to your customer base is not a priority.

Furthermore, I think it prudent to point out that were Sam Didier working in any other position at any other company in the world, he would have been fired in a heartbeat. I could only imagine the swift dismissal any one of us would receive were we to be seen next some homunculus putz who brazenly insults the greater portion of our employers' customers.

I'm not demanding anyone's job, but this is a template, soulless, corporate apology if I've ever read one in my life.

Too bad you don't work for blizzard, with all of your insight and wisdom.

Seriously, people who actually took the corpsegrinder interview seriously need to stop playing games, and go read some books.
It's good to see an apology going out and I'm thankful for it. As I said elsewhere, part of what makes playing Horde fun is the whole "Blood & Honor" thing, and that incident simply lacked honor. Like honor on the field of battle, when you defeat your enemy you don't follow it up by t-bagging them. Leave that to those immature Halo players. ;)
Well spoken, Mr. Morhaime.
I do not wish to see anyone fired but learn to behave as a proper employee of a company when infront of the public/customers.

People are human and make mistakes but they need to learn from them.
I accept your apology

twice now!
Anyone who doesn't understand why it was offensive doesn't deserve to have it explained to them. Do you really not see how being gay, and then seeing someone use "gay" as an ugly insult to someone, is hurtful? If you're genuinely that unable to empathize with other human beings, you probably shouldn't be playing a multiplayer online game to begin with.

Mr. Morhaime, your apology is just what was needed and is accepted wholeheartedly at least by me. It's nice to see anybody in this day and age, especially a large company, actually say "we messed up and we're sorry" as opposed to the "we're sorry you were offended" most people hand out.
I wasn't terribly offended by the video, but I greatly appreciate the apology from the big man of Blizzard himself.

Apology accepted, Mike. Now let's put this behind us and get to work on making the best WoW expansion ever.

I'll be waiting for my Annual Pass beta key.

This isn't about being vindictive or petty. This is how you run a business. Employees that commit equal opportunity offenses either require retraining and/or demotion or even termination. You don't just get off calling customers slurs, even via proxy.The fact that no one stopped and took a look at the video before it was shown implies negligence at a high level.

That being said. I know when enough is enough.

Thank you Mike.
Did he say "People that play alliance" anywhere? No. He didn't. But everyone wanted to pretend like he did. But yeah. Enough is enough. Now you can go tell everyone how right you were, and this whole lame thing can be forgotten about like it should have the second it was done.

Nobody likes to be misunderstood. And maybe one day, you'll see that. And how wrong it is.

Forgive earnestly and whole heartedly, but never forget.
10/27/2011 07:37 PMPosted by Lemuria
I was thinking more of termination or at the very least demotion. Having someone like this run the name of your company through dirt is not good for business

Apology accepted Lord of the WoW but in return I must request that we Alliance have a special quest to slay and behead an npc named after Corpsegrinder (That or spawn the Lich King on him every time he logs on WoW).
Thank you.

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