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10/27/2011 08:11 PMPosted by Falohirn
remain unconvinced of his sincerity.
So... what would he have to do to make sure that he's sincere? Give everyone a free game? Oh wait... Free mount? Oh wait...
As part of the lgbt community, I accept your apology.

-- Honestly, I didn't care to begin with.

I'll continue throwing money your way.
I have a new found respect for mike morhaime!! what a classy guy, seriously.
Personally, I get the joke, Mr Real life Hordie venting on ally. However, that wasnt the point.

The code of conduct we players have to live by, or face banishment from our game, was violated by the same company that makes/enforces said rules. How can you respect a game master if they just gonna flaunt the rules and just do their own thing.

The apology re-enforces the fact that players and game people must follow the IDENTICAL code of conduct. To do otherwise is a key to anarchy, and the death of our (Ally and Horde alike) game.
Thank you for contacting the Blizzard Customer Base. For all future performances, Blizzcon or otherwise, please understand that we will report any Code of Conduct violations, including:

Threats of violence. We take these seriously and will alert the proper authorities.

Posts containing personal information about other players. This includes physical addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and inappropriate photos and/or videos.

Harassing or discriminatory language. This will not be tolerated.

Please view the Forums Code of Conduct if there are any questions.

We regret to inform you that due to your actions, we expect all members of L90ETC and any Blizzard staff involved in said incident to receive a three day temporary ban from battle.net. Should this behaviour continue then the punishment may escalate.

Thank you again for contacting us. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!

I lol'd.

The guy spewing homophobic slurs doesn't work for Blizzard. Unless I missed something.

Someone at Blizzard made the judgment call that that video was acceptable to play at Blizzcon. Their head will be fine, thanks.

Well then I just have to disagree. I do not believe that anyone needs to be fired for having what amounts to poor judgment at worst.

The person who made the offensive comments apologized. I'm not certain it was sincere, but he did.
The president of the company at whose convention the video was shown has apologized. I absolutely believe that it is sincere.

I do find homophobic slurs offensive and harmful. I do not believe an apology from Blizzard was 100% necessary here. I do credit Mr. Morhaime for offering one nonetheless.

I believe people just need to let it go now. Either you're satisfied or you're not. It's time to vote with your wallet. Let it go and keep playing or quit now and go start an IHateBlizzard.com blog.
10/27/2011 08:10 PMPosted by Burlyfish
Well then, keep a better eye on your children, teach them what to do in a situation like that. Seriously, people blame bullying but ignore when their children are actually acting out. Not every situation is the same, but actually stepping up and teaching your child lives are worth living, through good and bad, is a lot more important than trying to bristle and burn at people throwing around mean words.

I did and they are now raising their own kids to counter Bullying.

You are the type that seems to think it is ok to bully as it should "make them stronger for it".

Bullying should never be allowed to happen.
I do want to make a comment, though I told myself not to.

I wasn't one of the gay people offended by this. Personally, to me, the idiot spouting off at the mouth is someone I feel bad for. There were more then enough people that said and did worse to my face then for me to get bent out of shape by a non-Blizzard employee making himself look like a tool.

I am happy that the people from Blizzard came here to say they were sorry. I will NOT be happy if they take any suggestion that someone at Blizz should be fired over this. Sure, if Mike got on stage and said "Yup, we hate the gays" I'd be right there signing petitions and canceling my account.

However, the point that seems to be escaping several people in my "community" is that is was NOT someone who works for Blizzard. No one who works at Blizzard needs to be fired over this. Stop calling every lobbyist and blogger you can think of to try to shake the boat.

If you feel this isn't enough and you can never forgive them, then please leave the game and let the players who will remain here with the same team that has done great things for us in the past, and will continue to give us a great product for (hopefully) many years to come.

Don't worry Mike and Samwise. Some of us gays have got your back.
Thanks Mike, and all at Blizzard, I thought it was in poor form but didn't take it too seriously, but I'm very glad that you guys take your standards to heart. Keep up the great work. :)

Too bad you don't work for blizzard, with all of your insight and wisdom.

I also make excellent cookies.

Seriously, people who actually took the corpsegrinder interview seriously need to stop playing games, and go read some books.

If this whole thing was a joke, then perhaps you could be a doll and elucidate to all of us hyper-sensitive types precisely what the punchline was. Seriously, what was the joke? At what, pray tell, were we supposed to be laughing?

If Corpsegrinder hadn't used words hurtful to homosexuals and instead used slurs which denigrate people of particular races, would you be so swift to defend Blizzard? I should think not.

When a ranking officer of a successful business is seen giggling like a schoolgirl next a homophobe, it is poor form. When said business plasters a video of the encounter on the big screen at the Anaheim Convention center, it is propagating hate speech, and no doubt breaking a number its internal Equal Opportunity rules, not to mention state and federal laws.

A template derivative-to-the-point-of-parody apology isn't going to make me feel better about the gaming company I love renting itself out as a megaphone for intolerance. I mean, come on. Morhaime practically used the "Corporate Apology" template included with Microsoft Word, and he didn't even have the stones to deliver it himself.

I remain unconvinced of his sincerity.

Allow me to indulge in one last forum post, because I actually laughed when you asked what the joke was.

Our good friend corpsegrinder, alllll the way back in 2007, got interviewed. One of the few celebrities whose interview having to do with world of warcraft was widely known for a few years. Well, see, he plays an orc warrior. And he gets INTO it. He enjoy this game, that's all it was supposed to show. A really enthusiastic celebrity, how does he have fun with it? Apparently he enjoys insulting and killing alliance players. I'm willing to bet all of those degrading things he said was more act than actual feelings. He is part of a pretty heavy metal band and all that fun stuff.

Think of it like Freddy Mercury was alive today, he'd probably come out saying he plays a blood elf paladin, and he just wants to get the horde and alliance together and entertain us. I mean, hell, I'd go to that concert without even wearing my pvp trinket.
Gotta say as someone who absolutely hated this video, this apology really rectifies it. It seems more personal than even the other one (not that the other one was bad or anything).

Thanks for the apology. It is really appreciated.
The apology reads as a cold and insincere corporate statement to try to save face. I myself found no offense with the event at Blizzcon, but I am not gay, either.

What I did find offensive is the blatant favoritism Blizz shows the horde not only in the game but at Blizzcon as well. I am Alliance, so that I can understand.
Give me a diablo 3 beta, and I will forgive you?


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