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I have a suggestion on how they could add the permanent pet. I’m guessing they’d have to change some code and they couldn’t go “Here, it’s permanent today,” so something they could do is keep track of who has done the quest, and mail it to those characters in patch 4.3 (or a hotfix sooner).
They could say something like “We really appreciate the kindness that you showed us on the Day of the Dead. Macabre Marionette especially enjoyed his time with you and has not rested since then and is disturbing every one’s peace. Would you mind taking him with you?”
easiest way is 'check achieves... day of dead complete... *mails pet* GRATZ!
Worst excuse for an event in the game.
Wtb Perm mask and pet!!
WTB Perma Day of the Dead pet please!
It would be nice if after nearly 6 years of events, Blizzard would learn that any time an event starts they should do a server restart that morning, because just about every event has the same issues which can't be resolved without a server restart to stop DB interface issues and server disconnects.

Besides that issue, it would definitely be nice for the Macabre Marrionette to become a permanent pet instead of one only existing during the 2 day event.

I've always liked Day of the Dead after learning about it in Spanish class...I'm very happy Blizzard does a few fun things to celebrate it.

11/01/2011 06:20 PMPosted by Derisive
Worst excuse for an event in the game.

No, I think Pirate Day would have less basis than this...but hey, any excuse for fun is a good excuse! :)
I think there should be a little bit more to DotD, too. There is so much potential for interesting lore quests and fun in general.

The fact that the pet is not permanent in the slightest is absurd. Once I realized that the pet will vanish I decided not to do DotD on any of my alts. There's basically no point.

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