Monk class color?

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Keep it jade green. It's better than purple.

I sure as heck don't want the 12 year old monks running around screaming "I R the epic color! I R the epic color!"

You know they will.

does this means druids are legendary, shamans are rare and priests are common? lol.

What does it mean for DKs? Are we somewhere above Legendaries, but below Artifacts?
I approve of jade.
11/02/2011 08:09 PMPosted by Dravion


Is that Jade? I thought Jade was brigther.

hey hey...I'm not the smartest but I try >.<
11/03/2011 04:12 AMPosted by Goldenaxe
I approve of jade.

make them a black color or bright orange. :)
I was expecting a sort of beige. Kind of like that better.
11/02/2011 08:04 PMPosted by Soulrage
All class colors need to be redone anyway....

I agree... although my only problem with it is that pets, totems, and guardians all use the same color as death knights...
What color is the Bard then?
This was my first question when I saw the new class announcement. Thanks for the info. :)
Black and white....DUH!
Love Jade Green :D
Right now the monk is jade green. We like the color, but it's not absolutely set in stone. For those wondering how this would work with the hunter green, it's as different as the colors are for mages and shaman.

I really can't think of what it would be.

If you made it a darker green than jade, only by a bit, it could still contrast the hunter green. Or make the hunter green a tab paler and the jade a bit darker would separate them further.
Jade green is the perfect color !
Grey is best .... not taken by any other class. Also symbolizes mixture or white and black like that Chinese peace symbol for balance (in this case light spells and dark spells that the monk class has.)
I like the different shade of green to differentiate from hunters. So, what about deathknights having a different shade of red as pets and all hostile mobs? Frustrating when you see a bunch of enemy name plates and the dks blend in with the pets and summoned creatures.
Jade green is perfect. Asian touch; consistent.
need to change hunter color more for light green and adjust monk to a jade/dark green it would be nice

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