Grimoire of Supremacy.

So basically, if you take this talent, your minion will become a super version of itself (succys become Shivan for example) All I can say is, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY TALENT POINTS!
It's definitely the most interesting tier, I really hope Grimoire of Service is about on par with it though because they both sound awesome.
Yes, this does sound exciting :).
Yeah, that one seems like the 'right-choice' type thing they were trying to avoid.

Edit: Whoops, didn't see that 'Grimoire of Sacrifice' also increases damage done.

The level 90 ones seem to be the most situational ones.
I can't watch blizzcon :( any more info on this?
I really love what they've done with the lvl 75 tier, so cool. Fingers crossed that they can come through with eliminating cookie cutter builds, all three look real cool
Still I want to know whats going on w/ Enslave the demon!!!
When I was going though and read them all, I no joke, almost choked on my water when I read that.
everything sounds good so far. but im not getting my hopes up until its set in stone. dont forget guys in the past when we could have had something good blizz would take it away, anyone remeber cripple? and if we get these new talents and actually start kicking !@# in 2s and bg's ppl will start QQ as always and the bat will come for us just as it always have, so keep ur fingers crossed.
It seems pretty sweet... Let's hope they don't nerf it.
10/21/2011 03:25 PMPosted by Fernor

TYVM!!! :) I was freaking out...just alittle bit.
I'm wondering if the Beholder is the Felpup in the form of an eye?
10/22/2011 08:05 AMPosted by Guuldaann
i would think terrorguard would be felguard

Terrorguards are definitely DG's:
I just wonder how the abilities will be affected and whether the pets appearance changes.
Curious how the improved demons will stack up to the double demon grim. My guess is that the double demon will be a bigger dps boost.
We can already use two demons at once. Summon doom/infernal. New talent ,however lower cd and lower duration.

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