Reserving Pandakorghal on my server.
Why would I when you can make a monk and heal/tank/dps?
I am, I seen the art panel and I fell in love with the casting animations.
The thought has crossed my mind, simply because of the cooking bonuses. But I do love being a Draenei female...
10/22/2011 02:10 PMPosted by Wyrt
I like being a draenei, but the food buff racial bonus looks really good. I guess it depends on if female pandaren are given the same treatment as worgen females or not.

"Blizz, they are too cute!"

"Blizz, they are too feral!"


I really hope they do not listen to the community this time about models.
Depending on how successful they create the Monk class, I fear the downturn of Enhance Shamans. I'm hoping they go about DPS/Healing in a much different way than we do. From what little I've seen perhaps they will be more Phsyical based than we are but I dunno, the roles seem to overlap. And of course there is the whole tank thing(no I don't want shaman tanks.)

On topic though I will not be a Panda, Dwarves or gtfo.
For shaman: troll or gtfo.
I might, but this guys just going to be an alt at that point anyways
I'm definatly thinking about it, the facial expressions look soo cool omg. I'm gonna see how the casting animations look like for female... and if its not that great still might do male. Ooo
So there, panda shaman, yup!
Nope gotta stay troll the pandas look neat but to me trolls and taurens are too leet to race change.
10/22/2011 01:58 PMPosted by Melkar
Why would I when you can make a monk and heal/tank/dps?

If you're going to be like that, why play any class besides druids? I prefer shaman play style and lore.
gobs still have one of the best racials for resto, so no..
10/22/2011 01:58 PMPosted by Melkar

You mean like Paladins and Druids? O.o

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