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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction

The Shieldpaw Shao'din
Guild Faction: Horde
Guild Level: Level 25
Guild concept: A more defensive guild, it maintains that 'Hawktotem' feel that we of the Hawktotem put in that we a 'Shields'. For the Horde that is accepting us, we plan to be the Shields to their swords.

A concept that was also discussed as speculation is to win the Pandaren over with negotiations.

We plan to Rp-PvP.

Guild Lore: We have a rough storyline we can to go with in terms of plot, but we don't plan to release it until we know more about Pandaren lore.

Rp > PvP > PvE


Ballastbreaker Shao'din
Guild faction: Alliance
Guild level: To be announced... I may attempt to begin leveling this guild before MoP launches
Guild concept: Being a counterpoint to The Shieldpaw Shao'din, The Ballastbreaker Shao'din will be a slighty more offensive guild. Details are still in development though.

Alliance Contact: Shalduun, Drektal, Jhalkaar, or Dorin

Horde contact: Hranu or Alekander

Any interest, World's End Tavern?
I am pulled in with great interest Hranu! I was recently thinking of joining the numbers of Moonguard hoping for a real taste in Rp! I was thinking Night Elf, then MoP Pandaren to role when the time comes. I have heard good things of the Hawktotem as well, Hopefully you keep it up in these guilds, Great idea, great mind.
W00T! Go Hranu!

You know for sure Haine will jump aboard on this idea

I have been meaning on what to decide to make my first Pandaren Monk Horde-side to go, and it seems I found my calling ^^

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