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Greetings! I'm looking for roleplayers currently playing on WRA, or interested in doing so, who live in Australia and will have availability times suited to mine. I haven't roleplayed for a long time and wish to get back into it, though I'm avoiding Moonguard since I've grown tired of my characters on there (due to everyone I RP'd with quitting WoW. Bastards. :P) and don't want to delete them. Oh, and my character list here is full, so there goes that.

I'm a very experienced roleplayer and open to playing either Horde or Alliance.

If you're interested and are interested in either starting a character with me to roleplay with, have existing characters that you roleplay with and are interested in finding someone new to roleplay with (I'm sorry, there's just not much else I can use other than the term 'Roleplay with'! :P) or so on, then please leave a comment! Almost all things are negotiable, I.E, if you wished to start a character with me and have linking backstories for example, I'd be happy to.

Anyhow, please leave a comment if you're interested, and I shall get back to you!
If you haven't joined Moonguard or Wyrmrest Accord yet, I have found several Aussie players on both of those realms. However they probably don't all do forums posting.

I have a little guild that is in need of late nighters like myself. I have several characters I play in the guild, it is an open rp and leveling guild. Roll Horde side and senda tell to anyone in Silver Hawk Brigade. Or an in game mail if you wish to meet up. I am on Pacific time and often stay up until 3 a m.

Not sure how that works for your schedule. Also saying something in the WRA forums might getyou a little more specific Aussies.
I'm not in Australia, but I keep the same hours. I'd totally be interested in playing with you.
I'm insulted that you only want to RP with Aussies! >.<

...Okay, I'm over it. xD

I'm not sure what exact time frame you are looking for, but I've been searching foooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeer for a RP guild who is active in the morning (5am-10am WrA server time.) I've tried both Alliance and Horde side on WrA and MG with very limited success. I've been RPing on the forums for a bit, but haven't really had the chance to RP in-game that much so I'm pretty noob at it. If you are interested in anything let me know on Ellyse or Jinzumi (WrA), or on Silverstrike or Fredda (MG)... or here... obviously. :P
@OP I'm an aussie on Moon Guard. I currently have two of my 85's on the server and am in the long process of transferring my characters to MG. I'd love to have someone to rp with when my guild goes to bed.
I would love to meet more Aussies!! I am online now and everyone else is gone to bed!
Woah, okay then! I wasn't actually expecting any replies so I sort of forgot about this thread! Anyhow, sorry about that!

Now, to any of you who are still interested, I guess I should have probably listed times that I'd be best available to make things clearer!
Preferable times for me would be around 9 pm - 5 am realm time, weekends will be more accessible though.

If anyone is still interested, and I forget about this thread again (I'll try not to!) you can contact me by sending in-game mail to... Sacrosanct on Jubei'Thos, Alliance side, or Gorbyne, Jubei'Thos Horde side. I'll check those two characters often. Or Glymochre on Moonguard Alliance side.

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