Enchanter & Tailor advantages/disadvantages?


I'm back from about a 1.5 year break and am in need of some advice! I know these two are going to be very expensive to level but aside of that I'd like to get some input. Keep in mind I'm looking for class advantages, even if they are small I'd like to know what you consider is an advantage.


I see a lot of nice stuff that a tailor can make but is there any real advantage of maxing out tailoring? Why not just buy something some guy who has already maxed out tailoring? The only thing I see is the spell thread for tailors only but it doesn't seem like it's that much better than the regular spell thread a tailor would put on someone else clothes.


Doesn't seem like anything

I don't want to go through all the professions you all already know everything. Let me know what you think is advantageous and why.

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Generally speaking, almost every non-gathering profession offers the same benefit, that being 80 Int. Jewelcrafting is one of the few that differs, but the way in which is differs is very minor. Jewelcrafting, gives you 81 int. Engineering gives a lot of utility kinda things, I honestly have no idea where it stands in terms of best profs.

Back on your actual topic though, in terms of advantage, go tailoring for one. While its Int gain comes from a proc, it has a higher average int than any other profession by a decent chunk. Past that it's all about what you want to be making or convenience. I like alchemy because I never have to provide my own flasks. 4 hour flasks from the guild cauldron make sure I'm set all raid.
Enchanting and Tailoring.

Next exp epic wands are craft able.
THIS expac, enchanting can make some serious gold if played correctly, a good day will net me 4-5k profit easily.
Tailoring also gets you a dandy cloak enchant that procs for int. It averages about 80int because it procs really quick when the cd comes off.

Edit: I are a gud tiper
Enchanting: Enchant your rings +40 intellect each

Tailoring: Make your own spellthread and Lightweave Embroidery on your cloak.

Good professions to have.
Tailoring not only gives you stuff to wear cheaper/easier if you can't get the drops in dungeons, but it is also a gathering profession for Enchanting, letting you fuel that profession, which, as we all know, is an epic one. Having the ability to Enchant your own things not only saves you tons of time in a city, spamming trade, but also tons of gold.

If you're in to Min/Maxing, though, I hear Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting are very good, as you open up more gem slots with Blacksmithing that you can fill with your Stat+40 gems, or use them for your Jewelcrafting only gems. 'Course, that's a LOT of ore you're going through to get them up to that level, and from what I see on the Auction House, that's gonna eat up a LOT of your money. That said, we'll finally get Epic Gems in 4.3, so if you can pick up a few of those recipes, you might make up for all the money you've spent.

Personally, I'd stick with Tailoring & Enchanting. May not be the fastest trades to level, but you get some good things out of it, and some interesting toys too (flying carpets anyone?) And if you're bored of PvE, you can easily make yourself a starter PvP set (or vice-versa.)
Enchanting: Enchant your rings +40 intellect each

Tailoring: Make your own spellthread and Lightweave Embroidery on your cloak.

Great professions to have.
Engineering gives you Synapse Springs, which is a bonus enchantment for your gloves that can stack with regular enchantments. It boosts the highest of your STR, AGI or INT by 480 for 10 seconds, usable every 60.

It averages out to the same as other professions, but if you time it with CDs and your heavy stuff you can functionally wrest more benefit out of it.
engineering is still best used for pvp though where burst counts the most.

At this point like was mentioned above you can't really go wrong with a prof for pve as long as it's not a gathering prof...save those for alts.

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