{H} AfterLife 25m 14/14H 25 LFM/Selling runs

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Bump cause your posts look lonely sacred
Lol, ty. Yea I am the unofficial official recruitment thread bumper lol.
God torts, fix this thread. We use Mumble not ventrilo and the guild has been around for nearly 7 years, not 6 not to mention raiders computers should be able to handle tier 15 raids, not tier 14..... Do you even proof read. OMGZzzz
Celebrity bump!
Hey I've seen this guild before!!!
Hi friend!
Oh hey there sexy. Who'd of thought I'd see you here?
I have to take a break from running the AH sometimes. Every once in a while I like to let other people sell stuff! :)
i can has join ur raids? i am leet boomkin full heirloom pow pow chickin #1 NA
Oh no! The swagman has found us!

...quick! Go undercut him!
Ya'll still need a lock? i am in need of some gear upgrades but i am desperately looking for a raiding guild! and my computer can handle tier 14 and 15 on ultra at the same time brah!
Bump for 3/13H.
3/13? Pfft...

That's so earlier this week.

Bump for 4/13
Mo heads mo problems... For the boss at least.

Bump. We forgot about this thread.

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