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Just want to add a Thank you so so so much for finally getting this implemented. I have been waiting for a very long time for this. So thank you. It is a very good idea.

My issue is that the GM, the core raiders (including me) and some officers transferred off server just before this became available. I was given lead the next day this became available, only to find out that you have to be a GM for 7 days. While I like this idea for security and thank you for you continued service in safeguarding our game play, I feel there should some sort of pass or keys to bypass this system. I have no ideas of any use to you at this time.

All in all thank you so much. I don't mind the wait, although I am impatient lol. I think whats another week wait. I am just glad to have this system in place!
Too expensive for something that doesn't take much work. Blizzard will make thousands off 1 guild if those players decided to take all of their toons.

My guild for example would give blizzard 8 thousand dollars. Now of course it depends on how many guilds actually do this but I think the price is a bit steep, even the individual prices are expensive.

Yeah, what was it it would cost for AIE to move, 25000$ i think. Greedy.

But hey, if you are against slavery then just don't have any slaves!
I have to agree, so far your post is the most costructive i have read so far and it makes good sense on all the points you touched on. On my Guild we have 5 players and a ton of toons, it costs too much to transfere all the toons to a new server. our solution was a new server, a new guild, and yet more new toons.

Locking the classes and races that have too many will help balance the realm. as well as merging 2 low population servers that have unbalanced sides will solve that issue as well.

I play this game for fun and find PvP too much work along with battle grounds. So I stay on the PvE servers that gives a person a chance to eather be PvP or PvE. I have seen the impromto raids that goes in and kill all including the NPC's, it really kills the enjoyment of playing when you get hit by an AOE get flagged as PvP then the low lvl 8 hunter gets ganked by a 80 lvl char. THAT got me off of the PvP servers perm. The server that is now nameless to me with a deleted toon was very hord heavy with folks who raided the newbe zones on a regulare bases. So getting the realms balanced would solve issues like that from happening. (one could hope)

now back to fishing.

This is in reply to Potiara's post on page 9 lol
I love how a service that use to be free is not costing us 20 bucks. As if blizzard isnt getting enough money from their players... You may have only received one free name change, but now we have to pay..I think this is complete bs. Its just another way for the money grubbing ba*****s to get even more. Blizzard caves to the little crying babies and makes the game so easy u can fart on ur keyboard and get lvl 85, then they add all this crap that u have to pay money for. Wow has become nothing more than a private server that you have to pay to play. I dont care if I receive any kinda of retaliation. They stop a server for a "logical reason", but in reality all they did was figure that they could make money by charging 20 damn dollars for a guild name change....SOmething SOOOOO SIMPLE COST US 20 bucks...anyone who is okay with this and actually pays for it is a complete and utter moron. Pay for a service that was once free nice job blizzard
Sigh: There is a post in the CS forum, from a Guild Leader complaining about harassment from, members he left behind. I knew things like that would start happening as soon as I saw, the mechanics Blizzard put in place, that leaves the members forced to stay behind, in a guild that is essentially left destitute, with no bank, no gold, no perks, no achievements, and only a level 1.

There is going to be a lot of very hard feelings on the part of those forced to stay behind, due the bad economy. Expressly Long time members who put a lot of time, effort and gold into the guild, and who worked real hard to help level the guild up to level 25. It can leave them feeling abandoned, betrayed, and cheated.

So I am afraid we are going to see a lot more if that type of thing, as more and more, guild leaders transfer their guilds without making some kind of provisions/accommodations , for those left behind. The real interesting situation are those Guild Leaders who do a guild fraction change on a PvP server. I can foresee a lot of corpse camping in their future.

Blizzard should have a popup warning to Guild Leaders of the possibility, of that sort of thing, when they start the transfer process.

There needs to be some accommodation for the guild members left behind. I honestly do not see very many good Guild Leaders being very happy, about having to leave them with a totally strip, and de-leveled Guild.

How about letting the Guild Leader decide on how many bank tabs, items, and gold is left behind on the old guild? If the guild has 8 bank tabs, and the guild leader wants to leave 2 of them, and the items in them, behind and only take 6 tabs with him, then he should be allowed to do so. If he wants to leave part of the gold behind, he should be allowed to do so.

Regardless the guild left behind that was formerly a level 25, should not be totally deleveled down to a level one. It is too much of a slap in the face, to members who worked hard to help get the guild to where it is. Maybe a compromise to where no matter what level a guild is: Then new guild gets to keep that level upon transfer; but the old guild gets to keep half of the level and perks. Example: The Guild is a level 20 when it transfers, and it gets to keep that level on the new server. However the guild on the old server is only deleveled down to a level 10 guild, instead of all the way down to level one.

The main problem, Blizzard made the cost too cheap for the guild leader, and too expensive for the members to follow. The cost should be high enough that the GL thinks twice about it. Say $200 for the Guild Leader and the members only $10, for their first one or two toons. They could even set up a mechanism to where the GL gets a game time rebate for each member that follows them. Something like one month of game time, for every 5 or 10 players who follow.

Wasnt the $25 transfer fee on individual players there to discourage the use of the service.
but there is no discount if a guild decides to move and use the guild service.
This makes robbing people for all their effort easier than ever! I mean serriously Blizzard what are you thinking, we already have to worry about all the gold farmers out there trying to gain access to our accounts and rob us while we sleep now you ahve given them a tool to make stealing our hard work even easier! Just creates a guild put in some recruitment wait a little bit and boom full guild bank and .......transfer! Everyone in the guild is now baffled and can't get that last stack of elementium to make that epic piece. meanwhile the gold robber has a new realm cleared the bank and is making money off a new realm of suckers. And that is just one type of back stabbing Blue Falcon! I am sure that others will do it just for spite or just because they can. Any way you look at it without a diplomatic system in place to make sure that the guild members are not hurt by this I can't give my endorsement. Maybe if you can do it with a submission that goes to the guild and 51% of the account holders need to vote a yes. You already have a program for ensuring that it different account holders when signing a guild charter so it shouldn't be that much extra programming. Please think what you're doing Blizzard before you finalize something that can have such dire cause and effect on your customers. Don't get me wrong I don't think every gm thinks that way but unless you know them personally you can't say for sure.
neat idea, but I think this will be a real strain on servers, guilds on low pop servers will run to high pop servers to be in on the action.

Id say, who cares, but its an MMO, and empty servers might not be such a great experience.

The day will soon come when servers are merged to keep them active.
Something new I learned today that I had not seen posted anywhere. If you have a placeholder guild with a name, and it gets to level 4, they will refuse to allow you to disband it. And will force you to pay $20 to rename the first guild, and then you cannot access the name for 90 days. So if you wind up acquiring a level 25 guild and want to rename it, make sure your old placeholder does not go over level 3 or it will cost you $40, and you have to wait 3 months.

This was straight from a GM on a support ticket.

Its not so bad you have to pay for it once, but to nickel and dime people left and right, and not allow them to do anything with a name is just outright stupid.

--Edit: I reposted it again and another GM said the last one made no sense, and took care of it. So the moral of the story is simple. If you don't get the right response, keep asking until someone who knows what they are doing takes care of it.
Why isnt there a discount for the guild members seems kinda dumb that there isnt because a GM can just up and xfer the guild and leave all the ppl behind who wont and or cant afford the 25$ should be like 10$ if your GM has initiated a Guild xfer so the members can go with
11/06/2011 06:52 PMPosted by Volind
Why isnt there a discount for the guild members seems kinda dumb that there isnt because a GM can just up and xfer the guild and leave all the ppl behind who wont and or cant afford the 25$ should be like 10$ if your GM has initiated a Guild xfer so the members can go with
A GM can kick all the members out of the guild.

How is a GM transferring the guild and leaving members behind any different?

I just don't like the fact that players must pay per toon transfer instead of paying like 50bucks to transfer a bulk amount of toons.

It would cost me 250bucks to transfer all of my toons...

thats way too much bucks!

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