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Does anyone know when the rest of the servers will be available ;) Some friends of mine wanna transfer their guild from Garrosh to Wrymrest Accord.. Instead of starting a new one.
Vashj pleeease! The server is DEAD and after 2 years we're ready to go!
So... Guilds can transfer now, but it'll still cost me $250 to transfer all my alts?

Pretty disappointed with this new "service" which is only needed because of the silliness that is guild leveling.
Although I understand the economic side of making these services for a fee, it sometimes seems like we're now paying for a problem Blizz created when they allowed Faction Changes and Server Transfers in the first place.
As recently announced on the front page of the community site, we are in the process of adding new guild services that will make relocating to a new realm, switching factions, or changing your guild name easier than ever before. You can learn more about these services on our official announcement and FAQ here:

<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

As a part of this process, we're offering players on the select realms the opportunity to take advantage of these services before they become widely available, as well as help us perform additional testing for stability and functionality. If you are a guild leader on any of the NA realms listed below and are in interested completing a Guild Master Realm Transfer, Guild Master Faction Change, or a Guild Name Change, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Dark Iron
Emerald Dream
Kirin Tor
Twisting Nether

(Please note that we look forward to adding additional realm availability to the service, including EU realms, in the coming days and weeks.)

So when are they become widely available? Cuz Anetheron needs one..
I am not one to post on these forums much at all. However as a GM of a guild, on a low population DYING server, I feel the need to speak about these changes.

This service is going to be profitable no matter how you do it. However doing it in the fashion you are doing it eliminates many of the players that MAY use this feature if your pricing structure was different.

The character that I am posting on is the GM of a guild. We were on Blackrock US. However when Cata came out the load times for that realm were idiotic. We were offered free transfers to the realm NazJatar US to help the population slam that Blackrock was getting. We checked out the realm and it was gaining a decent population from the free transfers coming in so we decided to swap servers.

Honestly we felt VERY cheated (dare I say scammed) because instantly people were allowed to change back and we have had to slowly watch this realm start to die. We have carved out a home here, but it is slowly becoming more and more difficult to gain new people (since most of the decent people are already in one of the other decent guilds. There is no pug scene and the economy is shot too....

Needless to say we were SUPER excited to hear about the upcoming guild services.... Until we saw them.

The problem for us is that it is price prohibitive for our guild to transfer. So here are a few ideas that would make this better all around

1.) Allow increased guild transfer fee, but a reduced per person fee. ($50 for guild+$10per character)

2.) Allow bulk transfers at a discounted rate that everyone can opt into/contribute too via their own account. ($300 per 20 characters)

3.)Allow an even more discounted bulk transfer with severe limitations. ($200 for 20 characters but only allowed 1 guild transfer per character per year or $200 per 20 character, but only one character per account can be transferred)

All of these are much more price attractive to guilds.

Please help guilds like mine which are stuck on what seems to be a dying realm. If you don't make some changes we would either have to stay on our current realm or LOSE a ton of members who don't want to swap servers...

TL;DR- No matter what you do you will make money, but by allowing a lower price point you would entice a HUGE number of other people to utilize this service. Not only is it likely to be a net monetary benefit for Blizzard it is a great PR move AND it helps your subscribers.
Please add Warsong to the list, it would probably help the faction balance in the server
Really hoping this comes to Kel'Thuzad soon. We've been planning a guild move this week, actually, and were very excited to hear about this being released so soon. We're going to wait it out now for the paid services, so please extend to us asap!

Dear Blizzard,

You have 40 dollars from me to collect.. Please add Frostmourne to the list of realms soon.

Hehe :)
I have to agree, especially in light of this new feature, that there should be a bulk movement option. Moving more than one character before was expensive, moving an entire guild is ludicrous. If abuse is still the worry, then I'm with the party that suggests cooldowns. Even if it's an account wide one. Decide which characters you want to transfer, preferably for a flat rate from a consumer point of view, and for at least a month after that no other toons anywhere on your account can change faction or server.

Oh, and lol at people citing development costs. The $15 a month is what pays for development and maintenance. I really hope you people don't think you're paying $15 just for the privilege of logging in. The money is used for the previously mentioned uses, although not exclusively for WoW I'd imagine. It's more an investment of faith that Blizzard will continue to provide enjoyable content than a fee to be allowed to use what they have now.
paid ninja service
How much gold can a guild transfer if any?
Really disappointed at the cost of this. Several of the medium pop servers would be very happy to get the low pops closed and rolled into the others. And guild renaming was free just a few months ago. Why tack on 20$ to it? Warcraft is supposedly a premium MMO? I thought that meant we got extra features other MMOs did not have, not big charges for what other MMOs do as courtesy. Moving a guild should not be thousands of $.
I understand that Blizzards server tech was probably not designed with transfers in mind.. and for all I know a transfer requires and actual tech to go in and copy some files onto a thumb drive..
What I mean is Blizzard probably charges so much because there is some actual hands on work involved whether it be clicking around a menu or walking up to servers.

But I was hoping/assuming since Trion (Rift) offers all these services for free and instantly that Blizzard would follow suit, drastically drop the price or offer some other incentive.

Don't get me wrong.. transferring a toon in WoW for $25 or a Guild for $35? vs both being free in Rift is not really a direct comparison... but... It does make me less likely to do the transfer knowing that I am paying for something that works better and is free with another company.

Also please. I am not complaining. Just expressing my slight surprise at this move.

Either way I am happy the service exists. Rather than not.
It is so rare to actually need/want to transfer that in the end it is not that big of a deal.

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