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Not soon enough! lol jk
A GM responded quickly to our ticket :D +1

But as expected we now have to wait for the lockout to expire because we didnt have Gnomish Mind Control Caps for which to read dev thoughts :O -1

To any web devs that may be listening please add the word "guild" to the front of "name is taken" if you're going to put the error next to a character portrait. Additionally, tell people about the 7 day guild lead change restriction in the FAQ.

Do they let u change ur guild name if its taken?

Yes, its also free. Just check the checkbox for the name change.
There needs to be some accommodation for the guild members left behind. I honestly do see very many good Guild Leaders being very happy, being forced to leave them with a totally strip, and de-leveled Guild.

How about letting the Guild Leader decide on how many bank tabs, items, and gold is left behind on the old guild? If the guild has 8 bank tabs, and the guild leader wants to leave 2 of them, and the items in them, behind and only take 6 tabs with him, then he should be allowed to do so. If he wants to leave part of the gold behind, he should be allowed to do so.

Regardless A level 25 guild lift behind, should not be totally deleveled down to a level one. It is too much of a slap in the face, to members who worked hard to help get the guild to where it is. Maybe a compromise to where now matter what level a guild is: Then new guild gets to keep that level upon transfer; but the old guild gets to keep half of the level and perks. Example: The Guild is a level 20 when it transfers, and it gets to keep that level on the new server. However the guild on the old server is only deleveled down to a level 10 guild, instead of a level one guild.
10/26/2011 08:37 AMPosted by Annakiva
Really disappointed at the cost of this. Several of the medium pop servers would be very happy to get the low pops closed and rolled into the others. And guild renaming was free just a few months ago. Why tack on 20$ to it? Warcraft is supposedly a premium MMO? I thought that meant we got extra features other MMOs did not have, not big charges for what other MMOs do as courtesy. Moving a guild should not be thousands of $.

very disappointed with the paid name change, that was a low blow to the players. faction change/realm change, sure pay with cash money, whatever. But the name change only USED TO BE FREE! you just had to post a ticket and kindly ask a GM to rename. this was a good service as GM's can change, and with that, tastes in names. They could have made it a gold sink, with a cooldown to prevent abuse, instead they decided to dip into the pockets of the players further for something very small. You got a great game blizzard, I normally have no complaints with the content that you release, and I am willing to pay to play that content. But you let quite a few people down with that move.

sometimes it pays to be kind to your customers on the small things. When I go to a restaurant to eat, and put ketchup on my fries. I don't see another 75 cents added to my bill. or another 50 cents if I want the rest of my burger to go as a "repackaging fee".
I am very happy to see these guild services finally released. I just used the Guild Name change service, everything went smoothly and very quickly (10 seconds maybe for the change to take effect). When I logged back in the new guild name was right there. But the armory is not showing the new name yet. It's been about 15 minutes since I made the change. I thought since the transaction status showed completed and the change has been made in game that the armory would reflect.

I am very disappointed in the guild server transfer and faction transfer services. This was hyped up some time ago as being able to move the entire guild with this transfer and after all this time the best you came up with is just transfer the guild with the GM?

My guild is (for all practical purposes) stuck on this dead, worthless server that is going nowhere. If we want to transfer just our max level characters it will cost us THOUSANDS of dollars! OR , we could all re-roll on another server and start all over, losing all achievements and items on our characters that are no longer in the game.

I understand the process takes resources, and you don't want to be transferring guilds all the time. But setting a cost of $300-$500 and adding say a 1 year cool-down on Guild transfers would cut that down quite a bit. you could even put a required minimum number of guild accounts / characters to be eligible so people are not just transferring 10 of their own characters (though for $500 that's still $50 each). I do not feel I am out of line to say this is what our $15/month fee goes towards, improvements and maintenance.

Another concern I think I saw posted was what if not all the members in a guild want to transfer? Well that is an easy solution. When the Guild Leader initiates the transfer, each character / account has say, 7 days to "opt in" through their account. If they do not, they are left behind.

I hope that you listen to our disappointment and take it seriously.

10/26/2011 05:08 PMPosted by Lylirra
So when are they become widely available? Cuz Anetheron needs one..

(You're going to make me say it, aren't you?)


Lylirra can we be friends in-game? Like do a raid together or something? I need help on Heroic BoT cause my server is full of... roleplayers.. and they arnt very awesome at that type of thing.

I think people are being ridiculous complaining about the cost of this. If a guild wanted to transfer or faction change prior, they'd lose everything. Paying $40 to maintain your achievements that many guilds worked very hard for, your level, your guild contents and all of your gold is preferable to not having any of that at all. Why do people feel as though everything should be handed to them? I feel like character transfers and personal faction changes could be, and should be, cheaper.. but $40 for this service is absolutely 100% worth it. Our guild would've been willing to pay much more.

Things such as this don't exist for you to be able to move around willy nilly, but are directed more towards guilds such as mine and thank you SO much for this service. It's going to save us so much time and effort. Hoping it comes to our server very soon.

The solution to imbalanced or dead servers wouldn't be something like this anyway, but server mergers and that's another matter entirely.
10/27/2011 12:13 AMPosted by Bahalana
Our guild would've been willing to pay much more.

Dont tell them that dude... jeez..
Is there any possible way we could get a payment via Paypal? My guild recently xferred to KJ a few weeks before Guild services came out and I have people who said they would help transfer the guild over from our old server but without a paypal option, I don't know of any way to pool our money virtually so we can all pay for the transfer together.
Forgive me if this has already been asked or I might have missed it when reading about the service, but does the destination realm also have to be on the list?

If one wants to transfer say from Wyrmrest Accord to Anetheron, would we have to wait for Anetheron to be added to the list?
Grats Blizzard on putting the final nail in the coffin for a number of low pop servers.

As soon as this was available the top guild on my server Tortheldrin left. Who knows how many more will soon leave as well.

Tortheldrin was already ghost town before this, now it's going to be deader than dead.

I have 10 toons on this server I have spent way too much time in to leave behind. Nor do I want to pay $250 to have a decent playing experience. All of us stuck on low pop servers pay the same $/month but we definitely don't get the same experience as those on medium/high pop servers.

I feel Blizzard has created the problem in the first place so why should I pay such an obscene amount of money to fix the problems they have caused starting with the faction transfers? Plus transferring off only worsens the problem for others.

Kinda feels like I lost the lottery when I rolled on this server in 2007. Was a good server then. If only I knew how much it would decline.
Bloodlust group please!!!!!!! :)
10/27/2011 05:08 AMPosted by Terasyn
If one wants to transfer say from Wyrmrest Accord to Anetheron, would we have to wait for Anetheron to be added to the list?

I do believe so, we had to wait for both Garrosh and Wrymrest Accord to pop up before we could think of moving our guild. I could be wrong and please someone correct me if I am :)

You realize the guild master transfer cost is the cost for him to transfer both himself and the guild framework right?

Lets suppose this system was never instituted and that guild was going to leave the server anyway
75 x $55 = $4125.00
+ the $55 for the GM = $4180

GOOD GOD BLIZZARD! Making an extra 10 bucks!? THE NERVE!

Yes the ability to now do this this may encourage guilds that didn't wouldn't otherwise be transferring, creating fresh income that wouldn't otherwise exist, but realistically the target audience of this service is a group of people who were already going to be transferring anyway. All in all it's still an extra $10 above and beyond what the same guild would have paid for the same services yesterday.

If an entire guild (especially one of your theoretical 75 people - good luck talking 75 other people into server and faction transferring btw) can't come up with $10 there's something wrong somewhere.

You seem to take for granted money that many people don't have. I'm glad $65 for faction and server transfers is fine with you, lucky you, but the majority of people view that as money that can be spent on food and clothes.
If your are that broke maybe you should stop playing all together. That way your current monthly can go for food and clothes.

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