4.0 and 4.2 Raids to reset twice a week?

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So the whole point of the shared lock out system was that you felt raid groups were pressured into doing both 10 and 25 man raids each week to achieve maximum progression and were getting burned out too quickly.

Now you want us to be able to raid the same raid twice a week, so basically the same burn out scenario as the past except worse since the lock out will be resetting mid week.

Who knows how this will screw with peoples raiding schedules.

Oh this is just freaking fantastic.
Bad idea.

I understand people may want to get loot faster... but it cheapens the content if it is allowed for people to progress even faster than we already are through it. Part of raiding is showing up week after week to get your loot and waiting for that one piece to drop.... this will cheapen that thrill.

This also will place more pressure on raiders to raid twice a week, both increasing the number of days/nights raiders are expected by their team to commit to raiding and perhaps splintering established groups that perhaps have a few playes who can only raid 1-2 nights a week if those players can be or are replaced by others who have nothing else to do but raid.

More chances to do the same content is not a solution. All you are going to do is burn players out on the new content even faster than they already do..and in turn "force" players into raiding more.

The current method of raiding works in terms of allowing most teams to raid one night a week on "farm" mode and a 2nd night of the week on new bosses.

A better solution... make Heroic and Normal 2 separate instances....... that way the causal player is not forced into raiding two nights a week but the hard core player can clear normal, and then start in on hard mode...don't make it a requirement that you do normal before heroic after the first time, just it would give more for the hard core players to do while not making the casual players seem forced into doing 2 things at once.

This will kill raiding as it has existed since wow was launched. Not only will we be doing "random" raiding...we will now "have" to raid twice a week with the guild or risk being left behind... so we can look forward to raiding 5-6 nights a week, fantastic..... /facepalm

(and yes, I know you do not HAVE to do any raiding, but lets be real, if 7 of your fellow raid members from a 10 man are doing all 3 chances at raiding every week while 2-4 of your other team members are just showing up for one raid a week, they will feel left behind while the others with more free time will feel as though those who are not raiding more are being carried)
Please stop cheapening raiding. Epics are epics.
I like the idea, however i think its a little unfair that other regions get to farm content twice a week allowing them to gear up and giving them an unfair advantage for 4.3 raids. Some people like to raid competitively and this gives them an unfair advantage.

10/26/2011 12:11 AMPosted by Algester
I like the idea, however i think its a little unfair that other regions get to farm content twice a week allowing them to gear up and giving them an unfair advantage for 4.3 raids. Some people like to raid competitively and this gives them an unfair advantage.

and releasing the patch at different times isnt?
Terrible idea. I know we all battle the RNG monster, but releasing such a feature will just promote guilds to burn out faster.

I hope we never see this change for Dragon Soul...I don't care how long we have till Pandaria. I do not want to feel obligated to raid twice as much to keep up with the competition.

The time sink should be the new Pet Battle System coming to 5.0....NOT Doublemint Raiding because it's not Double the Fun.
Lame lame lame.
If you want us raiding more do the following.
1. Realease more than 7 bosses per tier and more than 1 raid.
2. DON'T nerf it into the ground.
This is just lazy thinking on blizzards part and against what they were trying to achieve when they split the lock outs.At the end of the day all its going to mean is my alts won't be as geared as this toon.
For anyone complaining that this is a return to the days when we were forced to run both 10- and 25-man raids each week to keep up, it isn't quite the same. People forget that the whole reason to do that was to max out on badges (ie valor points), which notably AREN'T being doubled down on here. Granted, the gear situation is different now that 10-man gear is up to par with 25-man gear, but the point cap is at least a small mitigating factor. Grinding raids solely for valor points sucks. Farming them for actual drops is at least slightly more fun.

Apologies if this point's been beaten to death already; it's far too late for me to be slogging through 8+ pages.
I'm going to pile on and say that I also dislike the idea of 2 raid lockouts per week. Some of us have a very hectic real life schedule and it's easy to figure out how to do one lockout per week.

Gear is nice, but I raid to have fun with my guild mates and joke around on vent mostly. I'd hate to feel pressured to raid twice per week.

Also, burnout sucks. I though we all learned that during ICC.
Can't wait for this to hit American Servers!!
Firstly I understand that this is probably in response to people wanting to raid more every week because in Wrath you could do both 10 and 25 mans. This was quite acceptable in Wrath because of one key difference. In Wrath the gear you got from 25's was different from 10 mans and the 10man were tuned far lower aswell.

For 25 man progression guilds (the only 'real' type at the time) doing anything over your 3-5 nights a week of 25man raiding in 10mans was usually done recreationally without any impact on the 25man raid as the loot in most cases was not competitive.

However with the fact that the lockouts are now shared (nothing wrong with this) anything extra for those who wish to progress will be an extra burden and something that will have to be a constant consideration. Guilds will have to make the choice of getting more gear to potentially help killing bosses or have extra nights progressing. How exactly this will screw with guild progression as some guilds go nuts with this by adding extra nights to get the best of both worlds (more progression nights + lootfest nights) will be something we will have to wait and see.

Even if guilds do not do this it will create an interesting situation where one guild goes for the extra progression while the other guild goes for extra gear.

At the end of the day I think it all comes down to the point that the 2nd weekly lockout will have a direct impact on the first lockout whereas in Wrath the two were mostly mutually exclusive in their effects, while being able to do both.
The new raid lockout changes for Taiwan and Korea adjust the lockout timers for the patch 4.0 and 4.2 raids. The lockout timers for these raids will now reset twice weekly instead of once. These raid lockout changes are being made to allow players to raid more often and get more chances at epic loot drops. Players will be able to down current Cataclysm raid bosses twice a week, accelerating players’ progression.

We are testing these new raid lockout changes in Taiwan and Korea first. Our goal is to expand this change to other regions in the future, but we don’t have anything further to announce at this time with regard to North American implementation.

I do not like the possible implications of this twice-per week raid schedule.

To me, it signals the end of any hope for raid tiers that are greater than 8 bosses (the 4.3 standard). Additionally, it will have players tiring themselves out with raiding even faster than normal.

Cutting the timers in half doesn't double the amount of player enjoyment. Doubling the number of bosses might.

I don't really have a stake in this game anymore, but I sincerely doubt that this is the right direction to take raiding.
Blizzard is well aware that the maximum number of tries a week will be the norm and those who cannot give enough time to maximize those attempts will feel left out and complain.
10/26/2011 12:04 AMPosted by Rhogh
Please stop cheapening raiding. Epics are epics.

Sure while we're at it lets buff MC, BWL, AQ, Naxx, ect ect so those epics can stay epics as well.
Please stop cheapening raiding. Epics are epics.

Sure while we're at it lets buff MC, BWL, AQ, Naxx, ect ect so those epics can stay epics as well.

Be careful what you wish for, it's coming in MoP when they fix item stat inflation. Looking forward to doing 5k dps and having 20k hp at level 90 when I did 20k+ dps and had 120k hp at 85.
Want us to gear up faster by raiding twice a week? How about you just separate 10s from 25s. So after my 25-man raid I can mess around in a 10-man. Would be like raiding twice a week except at whatever time i want to instead of waiting for the reset.
It wont apply to Dragon Soul.

They are testing this on live servers. Who is to say whether it won't apply to Dragon Soul?

If this does work out to be only "older raids" and the current raid tier is still a once a week thing, then fine. No one should jump out of their socks complaining. However, this is going to be implemented in the current tier of raiding at the time of its launch in Asia. So are we just left to believe that Blizzard has now completely written off the existing tier?

Being able to raid twice a week will do nothing good for the game. Being able to go into older content more often will only weaken that content. We are already at a point where older content is completely marginalized. When this occurs we can only hope that content will start coming every 3 months instead of every 6-8.
In case everyone posting here didnt notice almost everyone posting complaints about this are (semi-)hardcore raiders. Blizzard has a much larger playerbase than that.

For the casual raider this will be a lot better since it helps solves a lot of problems that we have.

  • If we kill one or two bosses early in the week in a pug its much harder to get into a group that shares the same lockout making us need to join locks that are further along in the raid then we are or us not getting allowed into raids when the group wants to do the bosses uve killed. It gives more opportunities for us to get into fresh raids and kill different bosses (since in FL you can do any of the first 5 bosses in the order you wish.

  • More chances to kill bosses gives us a chance to get more experience on bosses.

  • We get up to a point where the boss cant be pugged and the rest of the week we are bored

  • As for the people complaining that they dont want to feel forced to raid more than u already do. Do you have any idea how many times ive seen people say raids should not be nerfed just because some players dont have the time to dedicate to get it done?! Well now you get to see it from the other side. If you dont have the time then you wont be at the top of the progression leaderboard. Deal with it.


    Understand that hardcore raiders are maybe 5% of the playerbase (if even). Blizz has a lot more people to keep happy than just you guys

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