Was Cata the first "failed" expansion?

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The questing in Cata was good. It did seperate everyone up a bit, but the changing content made it unique. I liked it, but couldn't help friends due to zones. I don't think there was enough of it, but with the redesign of the old world I can sorta overlook it.
The dungeons were a pain in the begining. I'm sure they're meant to be challenging in the begining of every expansion but really all it did was make the people that are good cut throat and unwilling to teach wich hurt the community.
I like to be challenged but I also like to have fun. When content is too dificult everyone jumps to trash talk because the ques were too long etc...etc...
Maybe it was like that in wrath, and RDF changed everything in the middle of wrath, but it was a much better expansion.
The 5 level thing seems too little. Even tho the power between levels seems to be substantial, I' m not sure I'm going to like it with the new exp.
PVP...well I just couldn't get into it. I'm starting to do a little more finally, but Tol Barad sucked in comparison to Wintergrasp. I was and still is a weak replacement. I hope they do it better with next exp and fix Wintergrasp. When I got tired of the content, Wintergrasp kept me until I was refreshed and back into the content in Wrath.

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