Was Cata the first "failed" expansion?

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10/27/2011 12:18 AMPosted by Thugnificènt
No, there wasn't.

There have been people saying X was killing wow since 1.1.
10/27/2011 12:21 AMPosted by Thugnificènt
That would be pretty impressive, considering 1.1 was out before World of Warcraft.

1.1 was the original patch...
You have to define terms first.

What is 'success'? Record number of players? Record number of people partaking in endgame content?

Or is it content hard enough to push all but the best out of the running?

Is ICC your idea of a 'success'? Or is it 40man Naxx?

LK had the most players, and the most people partaking in endgame content. If that's your definition of 'success', then no. No, Cataclysm was not a success.

For me? It was a dismal failure and one that may well have driven off more than a few players. But, that's just me.
Each expansion sets the bar for the next one, which is why I think Wrath did so well, coming off the success of TBC, arguably WoW in it's greatest form.

As far as Wrath making WoW more accessible to casual players, WoW has always been the casual MMO on the market. In the days of EQ and DAoC, Vanilla WoW was the WotLK of it's time. I wouldn't judge a game's quality on how many people it can draw in, but on the content it provides
10/27/2011 12:34 AMPosted by Aenimma
you could run 10 and 25mans

Worst change ever :(
10/26/2011 11:30 PMPosted by Rìchy
Have you forgotten WOTLK?

You mean the expansion that made the entirety of the game accessible to a large majority of players?

Yeah... that was a failure. This Cata model of, "You are not welcome here," is so much better.

Once you hit 85, then Cataclysm is boring if you do not raid (it might even be boring for people that DO raid, I wouldn't know). Inflation and elitists abound. I'm hoping something changes with 4.3
In Wrath, heroics went from being a real challenge to doable. Raids were actually easy to get into as a pug to fill a dps or OT spot. I've gave up tanking on my main for this expansion, and I'd been tanking since late 60's in BC. At least when I hit 60 in Vanilla and couldn't get into a group for an instance, everything was so new. Now..... *yawn*
During Blizzcon I noticed a lot of:

"With cata we went to far with...."

A lot of people have been talking since the expansion hit about the way questing had turned into a dumbed-down, linear faceroll where you virtually had to TRY to get killed if you wanted to die.

A lot of people talking about how heroics weren't "hard" like conquering a difficult peak on a mountain climb but were "hard" like peeling 1000 potatoes.

I think the drop off in subcriptions is a direct reflection of these mistakes.

I'm really glad that both these areas are being addressed, particularly with regard to questing going back to a less phased, less linear, more hub-based experience. Let's hope they nail the mix right this time.

The first "failed" expansion has been every new expansion until the newer expansion comes out.
Compared to what? Its prior expansions? Or its competition.

Yes and No. btw

cataclysm was the first expansion that I thought was truly awful. but thats just my opinion.
Nope no expansion has been fail.

I have enjoyed each and every one and will continue to do so.

How did Cata fail? I have really enjoyed it.

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