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Hi so yeah as the thread title suggests I am thinking of transferring to amanthul and am trying to get some more information about the realm in terms of its raiding guilds and progression.
My main is a holy paladin Mysiandro (providing name so you can armory to see his progression to back up my claims) who is not available for transfers unless....the guild he is in gets struck by a meteor or something and I amm looking for something different to do. I am on Turalyon<US> atm so I raid in the mornings but I am looking to raid in the afternoons/evenings on this girl Tatra here. My availability in the evenings is pretty much mon-sun (barring friday nights most of the time).

My raiding experience is 6/13H for t11 and 1/7H-25man FL (Not the most impressive i know but thats how far ive gone. Currently working on H-Rhyo) I generally do 25mans as I have come to experience 10mans are easier and I prefer a little bit of a challenge+early morning challenges get the brain running ^_^. However I do realise that not alot of guilds do raid in the 25man format and so I will not disregard possible 10man opportunities.You can see from this toons character progression from my armory is not the most impressive progression, however this is due to this being an alt and only being able to do pugs on my server which....are kinda terrible or alt runs for my mains guild that usually when i try to do I am forced to go on another healer alt or something if I want to go or sit the morning out.

I usually play in the beast master spec (I really enjoy this spec out of all of them) or I have a survival spec that im not terrible at, however my main experience is with beast mastery which I feel im great at and do competitive dps with compared to other survival/marks hunters of equal and even greater gear (this could mean they suck? but it could also indeed mean im not doing something wrong=P)

In summary - I want to find some information about the different raiding guilds on this server both horde and alliance. I am not looking for a bench position. Im looking for a raiding spot. I dont stand in fire (unless its green cuz green is healing right ? jks) and I listen well to instructions and will follow them more or less to the letter ^_^ Any information people could provide me with would be MOST appreciated ^_^
There's only 2 25-man guilds on this server doing decently in heroic Firelands; SC and Dedication, the rest are all 10. Both 4/7 25-man heroic and 6/7 10-man heroic.

In terms of progression, this server isn't that high up, it's one of the worst in fact.

10/29/2011 08:18 AMPosted by Tatra
10mans are easier

25 mans are pretty much dead on AT because of the fact that most guilds have to carry too much dead weight to get anything done. The main reason 10 mans are "easier" is, because you can nit-pick who you take. Mechanics wise, pre-nerf, I would actually say 10 mans were harder because of the steep DPS requirements and healing strain. I wouldn't go so far as to say we have any "Decently progressed" 25m guilds, just guilds that haven't bit the 10man bullet yet.

10mans too aren't that great here, no guild had 6/7 HM prenerf, and while a bunch of guilds now have it on farm, let's just hope they don't fall prey to the "ICC delusiion", and realise the reason content is dying is because of the nerfs. I hope we can actually see a guild in the top 20-30 oceanic guilds in 4.3, but tbh it's highly doubtful. Stay away if you want to raid.

PS: BM is a crap spec for hunters, till 4pct13(debatable). If you haven't played MM in Cata, you're doing it wrong.
10/29/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Sleuther
I would actually say 10 mans were harder because of the steep DPS requirements and healing strain.


And yea, I was hesitant to say "decent."

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