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About Abstract:
Abstract is a Singapore based guild on Frostmourne, envisioning the goal of creating a great family atmosphere comprising of people from many, if not all walks of life.

We strive to organise guild-wide activities to milk that every ounce of fun out of our monthly subscription, however also maintaining a wow-life balance. This is because we have guild meetups outside of WoW and we have met some great real life friends because of this game. This group has been growing ever since! In fact, the group has grown large enough that we've decided to form our own guild to continue with this same set of ideals.

So...what do you guys do?

We have great people in the guild who loves to raid, pvp or just do random stuff and we organise a spectrum of activities ranging from PvE to rated battlegrounds on the guild level. While we do not have the highest PvE or PvP achievements to speak of, all these are secondary to the bonds we've found and strengthen, which we find are of the highest value. We want people who love to be part of us, not just because of our current PvE progression.

What kind of members are you looking for?

There are many kind of members we love. There's only 1 we dislike, so we'd rather talk about that. We will not hesitate to remove any childlike member who loves to create drama, centers full attention around loot drops, using green gems/sub-par enchants on end-game progression gear or loves to troll the trade chat. We are a group of mature adults (20+ - 30+), hence you would know exactly what we are talking about if we say we've grown out of it long ago.

PVE Progression:

Team 1:
10/12 (H) Throne of Thunder

Monday - 9:00PM - 12:00AM GMT+8 (Singapore Time)
Wednesday - 9:00PM - 12:00AM GMT+8 (Singapore Time)
Thursday - 9:00PM - 12:00AM GMT+8 (Singapore Time)

Team 2 (Casual):

Monday - 9PM - 12:30AM GMT +8 (Singapore Time)
Wednesday - 9PM - 12:30AM GMT +8 (Singapore Time)
Thursday - 9PM - 12:30AM GMT +8 (Singapore Time)

Update: 4 Sep 2013 - We will be continuing to venture into 5.4 and we have 2 spots to fill in our 2nd team. Tank and healer preferred. Keen prospects, please apply on our guild forums.

Like-minded raiders who have a high level of commitment are welcome to apply. Core spot is eventual to raiders of high reliability and performance.

We also run casual 2 day raids whenever we can among guildmembers for current normal content.

PVP players are welcome as we are looking to form guild RBGs on a regular basis as well as arenas.

We're also looking to play with fellow Singaporeans for MOP raiding and beyond! Feel free to contact us regardless of class.

How do I contact you?

Please approach any of our officers ingame for more details or proceed to our guild portal for application details.

Officers: Jiaobo/Arthuria/Jiaksai

Guild Website - http://guild-abstract.guildlaunch.com
bump for a non-retarded sg guild.
Would you recruit brand new players who don't know much about the game yet? ;x from sg as well.
We have a varying degree of new-ishness in our members and we take opportunity to help them ease into the game/raiding whenever possible. Sometimes all they need is a little nudge. :)

We'll like to speak to you personally and you can also find out if we're the right fit for you.

Catch me or any other officer (Rank 1 or 2) online.
Bumpy bump!
Original post updated.
need a 383 ret ms, os 374 holy? but 4/8 exp only. also from SG. appreciate in-game reply. tks.
Would you take if someone who cant go only to the monday raid?
From sgs neighbor.
Bump. Recruitment note edited.
are you interested in a 398 rogue with 1/8HM exp only, name's Blueswag - Frostmourne

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