[A] Abstract SG-Based recruiting players

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Hi there, I've submitted an application through your guild website.

Really looking forward to the reply.

But, let us say if the application is accepted, I will be re-rolling a class (basically any class that is needed by the guild).

Would be nice to be in a SG guild :)

Might consider a transfer too if you guys need a druid, resto or bear tank.
Have been looking for a SG based guild for so long, but you guys start so early! :(

My name is Alex. I'm 30. I've been playing since vanilla wow. I am a Singaporean in a small SG guild on Anetheron server. My passion is pvp and that has been pretty much what i have been doing for the last 2-3 years. Lvling alts to max lvl and doing BGs with them. I have 6 lvl 85 charcs before mop launched and I pvp with them everynight. I am pretty much the only one in my guild who pvps full time (most of them do dailies, heroics, LFR etc) but i've stuck with the guild out of guild loyalty(been with them for 5 years). However, i guess its time to move on as the guild is shrinking and i do not do anything with them besides chat nowadays. Mostly i do random BGs and some Arena (2s) with pugs for points and not ranking. Highest rating i have ever had is a pathetic 1650 for arena. Never done 3s or 5s Arena and i have zero experience in RBGs simply because there isnt any at all on my server.

I have been looking around and through my research, Frostmourne seems to have the highest concentration of oceanic pvp-ers. I have been on the lookout for an oceanic pvp guild for a while now. My goal is to get into a decent mature oceanic guild that does guild RGBS and bgs/arenas who play at my timings (SG 6 pm -12 midnight) with a healthy social environment and hopefully form strong friendships on the way. I can help out with heroics or raids and have been a core raider for about 4 years before I discovered my love for pvp. However, I do not think I can commit to a fixed raiding schedule nor do I want to raid much. PvP has always been what I love doing. You guys seem an awesome fit for what I am looking for. I love that you guys are SG too.

I take orders well, I learn fast, I put in effort to better my gear, getting the enchants, gems etc. Currently have my feral druid and arms war at lvl90 with full dreadful and some malevolent gear and more alts on the way to 90. (Have some pve tanking pieces for my guardian spec but thats about it for pve). I am willing to pay to transfer servers.

Do add me on my battletag kaputt#1861 if u want to chat or find out more or get back to me here. You can also SMS me at 96883830 since we are all SG.

which guild is frostmourne best pvp guild?
which guild is frostmourne best pvp sg-based guild?
Hi, you guys still looking for people?
so you start at 12 server. what team are you recruiting for and is this still your current progression?
Hi, After a long break from raiding,i am back again on my mage for casual raiding. Singaporean here too..is abstract still recruiting?
Hi, updated recruitment status. Please apply at the guild portal for further review and discussion. Feel free to approach any officer online for further details.

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