any tailors with 378 spirit boots?

been doing firelands for a while now and havnt had this recipe drop. i was wondering if anyone has any luck getting the recipe. i scan the auction house every so often and havnt seen it yet. i have all the rest of the tailoring recipes from firelands except this one and this is the only one i really want to make.

Endless Dream Walkers made with this Pattern: Endless Dream Walkers

Yes, I can create this item on the character I'm posting on. I just need to have the materials to create (8) Dreamcloth.

As the Dreamcloth has a cool-down on it for 7 days, It would take a while to create the boots you want. That is unless I can obtain several Chaos Orb(s), As that is the only recipe for Dreamcloth with no cool-down.

Send me a tell in-game if you see me online, And we can discuss this further regarding me creating the boots for you! =)
i have all the embersilk and living embers. would you be ok with 240 volatile lifes? i was hoping you had a guildie that can transmute to which ever volatiles you need if not i can get what ever ones you want. how much would it be since i have all the matts and im just eating your dream cloth cooldown.

i wish dreamcloth was tradeable because i have 24 in my bank lol.

Yes - I believe my guild has a member that can transmute the items you mentioned. As for the pricing for the boots - I create the items for free if the materials are supplied by the person requesting the item(s).

However, I do appreciate tips as a gesture of thanks for the work after it has been completed. =)
I have all the mats ready do you have 8 dreamcloth on hand? Tip is increased if you do

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