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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has an intimate relationship with either of these cards. I've taken a look at benchmark scores, and while I'm pretty certain on all other components I'm picking for a new PC, I'm curious to know if anyone has either of these and playing WoW.

100$ difference for the 6770, and while it's logically a better card, wondering if it's worth the extra expense.

The 6770 would be slightly better, but I wouldn't buy either of them. Pick up a 6850 if you're going AMD.
Unfortunately the 6800 series are too overpriced (Dell) so I'd probably buy it later on if either the 6670 or 6770 don't do in the long run. We're talking 250$ for the 6870 which seems way too much (I see it for 180 or so on its own on a few sites.)

Given it'll probably be the first thing I upgrade in a couple of years, would the 6670 do the job in your opinion?

And semi-related... your char's name... would it be of a certain European origin starting with "L"?
My .02....if you're picking parts for a new PC go use a site such as or

Don't build with Dell's system builder as they are overpriced pieces of poop.
My .02....if you're picking parts for a new PC go use a site such as or

Don't build with Dell's system builder as they are overpriced pieces of poop.

I agree entirely except I'm looking at a genuinely fantastic deal on every component except the video card. I'm not trying to start a debate on where to buy the PC, but rather which card is best for the price, or at least if either will be more than enough for WoW, which I imagine both are.

Eventually if I upgrade I will buy from either of those sites, but at the moment I'm looking at an i7 Sandy + 12GB RAM for under $1000. I'm fine with spending on a more recent card a couple years down the line. It's a great bundle deal otherwise.
I have AMD Radeon HD 6670 - 1GB and i cant play wow or even maplestory with my cousin
Either card should be fine for WoW. For a $100 difference I would probably go with the 6670 and upgrade later (though from past expereinces with Dell you will probably have to upgrade the power supply as well when you decide you want a new GPU).

However, I do have to agree that Newegg would be your better option. Just throwing components together in like 10 minutes I came up with an i7 2600 with 16GB of RAM and a GTX 560 for about $970 shipped (no tax in my state, but I used a fairly nice case and PSU that could be downgraded some to make up the difference if needed).

That should be a link to the build if you are interested at all.
Thanks again for the feedback.

At this point I'm leaning more towards the 6770... I found an added rebate that slims the difference to 50$ vs the 6670. Decision's pretty much made itself.

Full specs:
i7 2600
12GB RAM @ 1333MHz
1TB @7200 (but I have an SSD I'll be throwing in)
Radeon HD 6770
Plus, 23" LED backlit monitor included

If I see it ends up bottlenecking on games with higher requirements down the line, then yeah I'll switch the PSU and go for a newer card.

I just built my new PC, and the 6770 is working beautifully with all settings to the highest possible...I love it.
The 6770 is a good card you can run most of the setting on ultra with a few on high. Stay the hell away from sapphire. Sapphire makes junk. there warranty is useless and there customer service is worse then pay pals

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