Long Time Clicker ... Help!

I've been playing since vanilla but didn't start key-binding until TBC. It really does help. Start off with SDF as strafe left, move forward, strafe right. Or take out the move forward. Some people do. I like it so that I can keep moving forward and still look around. Now start your key bindings with the most used abilities next to the easiest to reach buttons and go from there. The best way to find if you're comfortable, is to test it in actual combat. That's how I did it on my pally tank. I tested it to see what was most comfortable. I also have to different sets of keybinds: one for pve and one for pvp.

Key bindings haven't made me pro, but it's a definite improvement over what it was. Jump and strafe shooting is very important as a hunter. But key-binding is important for all classes. And once you start, you will find that clicking is slow. So you will get used to it.
I am a clicker myself. I have been since 2005 and I really haven't had any problems with my DPS by doing so. I can still pull 30k+ on single target non movement targets.

The issue with clicking isn't that you can't pull decent dps, its that your reaction time is slowed significantly when it comes to using abilities to react to situations. It is also visually distracting, and prevents you from being as aware of whats going on around you.

I used to click, then I got a razer naga gaming mouse. since then, my game play, especially raiding, has improved several times over. the mouse made it easier to transition to keybinds.
bind stuff to what feels good to you i use


and then i have shift for all of them too

a strife left d strife right middle mouse click for autorun i use to click all my spells back in wrath because i dident know you could bind them to anything you want and at the time 1-9 just dident feel right to me
I had this problem as well, and he're what I did to solve it. You already took the first step, and that is to get rid of your default action bars. I use dominos as well, but Bartender is just as good.

I have my most commonly used abiliies macro'd to the "`" key through the "5" key, as well as mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down, and middle click. That brings us to 9 keys. Next, get yourself a decent mouse with at least buttons 4 & 5 (The Logitech G700 is fantastic as well, and that has buttons 6 and 7 as well). In your mouse set-up screen, set button 4 to the shift key and button 5 to the ctrl key. Now, you can keybind spells 10-27 the same as 1-9, just with a modifier key on them. Finally, set your actions bars up in a way that you will easily remember what does what. With dominos, this is easy. Have three horizontal bars of 9 buttons each. The one on the bottom is for just the button, the middle bar is for the button + shift, and the top one is for the button + ctrl.

Another thing that I find to be really helpful is to take the things that you don't use in combat and take them off the keybind bars. It's OK to click open your leatherworking spellbook or use your hearthstone. Don't waste the keybind space with things like that. If you find there are things that you almost never use in combat, but may be useful in a blue moon, you can click those as well (I am mainly PvE, so I almost never manually do anything with my pet. If I need to, I can always click it.) Take these things and move them to vertical bar on the side of your screen and ou of the way. If you are relly creative, you can make the bars hidden while in combat =).

In case you're curious, I use the following fingers to hit buttons...

"`", "1", and [TAB] I use my pinky. My pinky is on TAB when at rest
"2" Ring finger
"3", "W" Middle Finger
"4" and "5" Pointer
[Space] Thumb

From here, you should be able to reach all of the defaul movement keys that you are used to like strafe and move backwards. I would unbind the turn and forward keys to prevent you from using them when the heat is on.
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I Think the problem is that you're a girl and you could apply your skill sets much easily elsewhere, perhaps the kitchen?



I used to click and keyboard turn like a lot of people in this game and I was pretty fast with it. I ended up learning keybinds to PvP because it really is pretty funny watching a rogue who's completely keybound kill a keyboard turner...

I use bartender but I'm betting dominos has a similar option - you can make your bars so you click through them - by this I mean you can't actually click any of your abilities. I then set up my bars and started doing battlegrounds.

It hurt at first. A lot. When I couldn't find something I'd have to stop (while getting killed by someone) search my bars visually and find the key I was looking for.

Doing this you learn your common abilities very quickly cause you're using them constantly. You learn your situational abilities and CDs much more slowly and to be honest I still clicked a number of CDs on toons in PvE for a long time. It forces you to master the basics though and I was pretty solid in my playing by the end of the first day.

My binds are probably different from most people's. I use very little of the number bar because I use QWE for my strafes and forward movement (defaults) and I want to be able to hit any ability while moving in any direction. I unbound my keyboard turns and back peddle and so A, D, shift+A, and shift+D as my primary abilities or attacks.

Also bound are X, C, S, F, G, R, T, B, V, and 5 along with shift+each of those since those are all easily reached without moving my hand from it's 'home' position. Also my mouse has five buttons so three of those plus their shift modifiers are also used.

For most classes and most situations you don't need that many, I'm only providing them so you have some idea what you can reach comfortably if you decide to go this way.

Good luck ;)
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It is also visually distracting, and prevents you from being as aware of whats going on around you.

I just wanted to emphasize this - in PvE what keybinds help me with most is my eyes are on my surroundings. Makes seeing new adds coming up that need to be grabbed much faster. Makes it so I can keep hitting all the abilities I need while I select a trapped target to see how long is left on it's CC, or makes it so I notice the fire under my feet cause I'm not looking at my bars.

You generally have much better situational awareness this way.
First off, I don't see the point in listing off all the abilities hunters use. I also don't see the point in listing off where I put them. You're asking how to learn to stop clicking. I'm going to say what I always say in this kind of post.

Make a new toon of the same class on another realm you have no intention of continuing on. Unbind the excess movement keys and rebind those (in your addon) to what will later become abilities. Play this character for an evening. In one evening you should be able to hit 10-15 very easily. Add your new abilities as you get them to where you feel you will want them later on (i.e. don't just let them continue through the number bar).

After playing this toon, change the abilities on your main to match. If that's still not enough to get you going well, play on that new toon another night or two doing the same thing (with adding new abilities and such) as you gain new abilities. This gives you real world practice that target dummies can't provide while not having to worry about more difficult settings you would have to deal with on your main.
just curious what you mean by clicking? clicking your spells directly on your action bars?
One thing to consider is how ability usage relates to movement. Some abilities you'll want to use often while moving, these need to be on your most comfortable keybinds e.g. Arcane Shot, Chimera, Explosive, stuff like that.

Razer Naga mice are good but expensive. They have 12 buttons on the side for your thumb, combining this with shift gives you 24 full-movement hotkeys.
Once you get a little more comfortable with keybinds and mouse-turning, dismiss your pet and quest without it. This will force you to use hotkeys, mouse-turn, move, kite, all the 'huntery' stuff. If you get the hang of it now with minimum range still in effect you'll be in great shape later when minimum range goes away.

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