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Moon Guard
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<The Dominion> (formerly Dominion of the Sun) is celebrating its anniversary! Since it was created one year ago, The Dominion has made several accomplishments and now sits among the most successful RP and RP-PVP guilds on the server. On this day we'd like to invite everyone on Moon Guard to a party of massive proportions. Our goal is to give back to the community for all the roleplay experiences we've experienced over the course of our existence. We welcome you to...

Festival of the Sun

Saturday - November 12th!

As a guild dedicated to the prosperity and safety of Quel'Thalas, it seems like a natural choice that our first celebration will take place in our home setting. The festivities will slowly meander across the countryside, starting at Sunsail Anchorage and concluding with a grand finale at Azurebreeze Coast. Along the way there will be several events, including contests, sports, dances, and several opportunities to win over 5,000 in gold prizes!

Date Auction - Saltheril's Haven, [6:00 PM] - Lord Saltheril, a most generous of hosts, has allowed us to use his estate for the night's starting event. All attendants will volunteer to be auctioned off as dates for the ball to be held later that night. 100% of the proceeds will go to the auctioned, meaning you could walk away from this event alone with tremendous wealth!

Grand Feast - Fairbreeze Village, [6:15 PM] - The quaint village of Fairbreeze is home to one of the most scenic views in Eversong. The Dining Hall will be reserved for a feast of epic proportions. Come mingle and socialize with your fellow partygoers as the Dominion prepares for...

The Dominion Parade - Falconwing Square, [6:45 PM] - Rallying in Falconwing Square, The Dominion's grand army shall march from Western Quel'Thalas across the Dead Scar, loop once around Silvermoon City, then end at Farstrider Retreat. There, Tendael Dawnlight shall deliver a few inspirational words to his soldiers before the facility is transformed into a ball room.

The Grand Ball and Costume Contest - Farstrider Retreat, [7:00 PM] - In the halls of Farstrider Retreat, the party will go into full swing. As the dancing continues, judges will scan the crowd for impressive outfits. A prize will be given to the following categories: Most Patriotic, Cutest Couple, Best Effort, Most Amusing, and Best of Race (5).

The Sparring, Fencing, Spellweaving, and Archery Tournaments - Duskwither Spire, [8:00 PM] - After the dancing has ended, attendants shall make their way to Duskwither Spire. Volunteer guards shall keep the peace on the grounds as competitors take place in four tournaments of various arts, including Sparring, Fencing, Spellweaving, and Archery.

Grand Finale - Azurebreeze Coast, [10:00 PM] - Attendants shall make their way back down to the Duskwither Grounds to view a fireworks show prepared by Dominion engineers. What better way to conclude the evening?


Who is invited to the festival?
All roleplayers of Moon Guard are welcome to join the festival, regardless of whether or not you've interracted with our guild in the past. We encourage you to join us for a great time!

What if I'm Alliance? Am I still welcome?
Unfortunately, some of the locations of the festival do not allow for Alliance to participate. However, since the festival is being held just a few second away from the Blood Elf starting zone, we encourage you to make an alt (if you don't already have one) and join us!

How will the contests be judged?
The contest rules will be provided on the second page of this thread.

Do I have to sign up or pay an entry fee?
Absolutely not. You can show up and participate whenever you desire.

Date: Saturday, November 12th
Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: Eversong Woods
Contacts: Tendael, Volanaro, Exaliber, Dalhan, Avictaria
Costume Contest Rules

Prior to the costume contest we advise attendants to design a costume fitting for a royal ball. Sin'dorei colors - gold, red, black, orange, and green - will work to your advantage. There will be a winner for the following categories: Most Patriotic, Cutest Couple, Most Amusing, Extraordinary Effort, and Best of Race.

Most Patriotic - Award given to the participant who keeps closest to the sin'dorei theme. (500 gold!)

Cutest Couple - Awarded given to two participants who match each other best. (250 gold each!)

Extraordinary Effort - Award given to the participant who appears to have spent the most time and effort into his costume. (500 gold!)

Most Amusing - Award given to the participant who may not be the most attractive, but is certainly the most interesting. (500 gold!)

Best of Race - Award given to the best dressed of each race participating (5 in total, not including blood elf) (200 gold!)

Sparring Tournament - 500 gold!

The sparring tournament will be held on the first platform of Duskwither Spire. The second floor balcony will be used for observation. The tournament will be 1v1 duels, no healing specs, and no 2200 weapons. All other Arena rules will apply. Some abilities that push a player off a cliff will result in disqualification. Due to the time constraints of this event, there will be no rematches.

Fencing Tournament - 500 gold!

The Fencing Tournament will be a luck-based game for anyone who can wield a one-handed swords. That excludes druids, shamans, and priests. The game itself is played like rock-paper-scissors. Contestant 1 and Contestant 2 will take their stances facing each other and whisper the referee one of three possible maneuvers.
Attack - Beats "Special" but is countered by "Parry"
Parry - Beats "Attack" but is countered by "Special"
Special - Beats "Parry" but is countered by "Attack"
The referee will then determine who wins the round and both contestants will write an emote describing what happened for players to observe. Each round will award one point. The first to three points will be declared the winner.

Due to time constraints, we ask participants to keep their emotes short and concise. One paragraph is enough. In case both contestants choose the same maneuver, they will roll to determine who wins. For instance, Contestant 1 and Contestant 2 both choose "Parry". Contestant 1 rolls a 98 and Contest 2 rolls a 30. Contestant 1 will write an emote explaining how he managed to parry Contestant 2's attack and retaliate to score a point.

Spellweaving Tournament - 500 gold!

Played much in the same way as the Fencing Tournament, the Spellweaving Tournament will be a game of chance and deception. This contest is designed for caster classes. This means mages, warlocks, priests, balance druids, and elemental shamans are allowed. There will be three maneuvers available.
Quickspell - Beats "Focused Spell" but is countered by "Counterspell"
Counterspell - Beats "Quickspell" but is countered by "Focused Spell"
Focused Spell - Beats "Counterspell" but is countered by "Quickspell"
How these maneuvers are emoted will be up to the contestant. For example, a Warlock may use "Summon Infernal" as their Focus Spell. A Shaman may use "Earth Shield" as their Counterspell.

Archery Tournament - 500 gold!

This contest will be played different from the Fencing our Spellweaving tournaments, but will still be based on risk. Contestants will roll between 1 and 100. Any number between 25 and 75 (including 25 and 75) will be considered a "hit". The goal will be to get as close to 50 as possible. If a contestant rolls between 25 and 75, they will have the opportunity to roll again between 25 and 75 with [/roll 25-75]. The chances of getting a "hit" will be lower, however. 45-55 will be considered the "hit" range, meaning risk will play a very important factor.
I still remember the day I first joined this guild, in Decemeber or Jan-- maybe I don't remember the date, but I remember when it happened >:|
:> Baaaw I love this guild. <3

It was around this time the Dominion saved Avictaria! A celebration is indeed in order.
Congratulations, guys! <3
I like to point out that I'll just win the Cutest Couple award, as my mirror image makes me the cutest thing together matching.

He's quite fiery.
Bump for good times.
Chex bumpage!

I love you guys. Seriously. I'm glad I decided to come back.
Bump for all the amazing times I've had since I joined the guild.
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