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This has been really bothering me, but what did Reckful tell Snutz? :(
"Switch to RMP"
play better
The plot twist for the next M. Night Shamalmanalmanyan movie.

that's what
It's really interesting isn't it? It must have been something extremely inspiring cause right after that Snutz calmed down and won 2 games in a row!
It may have bee something along the lines of "Calm down you got this, you're better than them. Act like it"
RLS would've owned PHDK.
10/22/2011 07:40 PMPosted by Sensations
RLS would've owned PHDK.

You do realize there was an RLS in the tourney "Kimchi man" and they got rocked
RLS Stands for Reckful Lock Shaman......Duh!
"My son, you stand no chance against Jungyup. Offer him your first born while you still can."
pretty sure he said "zerg the pally". because that's what they did.
He said focus on their blind spots.
Snutz did need to calm down big there. The stress was getting to his head (not the first time, and probably his greatest downfall). After they spoke, he certainly did calm down and they came back with some great wins.

This was easily the best match I've ever seen in arenas. I mean, we even saw a last man standing in it.
oh my god snutz has got horrible sportsmanship
And they demonstrate how utterly ridiculous hunter damage is against clothies (and leather/mail wearers for that matter). They also demonstrate how hard it is to LoS with lol-secration everywhere.

Anyone who honestly think they won because they're better players clearly didn't watch Snutz and Pookz in their other games.

Physical cleave beats clothies team because they can kill someone in 5 seconds... more at 11.
10/22/2011 08:56 PMPosted by Inckrits
oh my god snutz has got horrible sportsmanship

They got cleave-gibbed-unhealable-damage RNG screwed out of 40k, tell me you wouldn't be mad.

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