Theramore in flames: Horde favoritism. pt. 2

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Sooo wait, my favorite Alliance.... no scratch that... My favorite town in the game period is getting attacked... If the Alliance sits idly by and dosnt do anything... Im going to be mad.
What's the second move? Maybe you can burn down darkshore next, that would be really epic. Perhaps we could for the second move have duskwallow get plagued by sylvanis, she hasn't done anything for a few months. Or maybe we can cut to the chase and burn down the rest of stormwind. That would be really big. Oh the possibilities!

Last time you sold the moving narative thing the only thing that happened is I helped thrall get married. You say one thing, but the only thing that happens is more alliance screwing.

Oh please, work with me here. :)

In Cataclysm, desperate times call for desperate measures. And that impact was not equal and 1:1 as far as Alliance and Horde went. The Warcraft universe, at its core, is based on the rivalry between two vastly different factions. To make sure they have shared hardships -- equal ups and downs at each interval -- is pretty boring and severely limits the character development of the leaders on both sides. And it leaves the story with a lack of momentum for building good content.

The Cataclysm only ignited a new flame between the Horde and the Alliance, as each side approached recovering from the crisis in very different ways. But they have something much more pressing to focus on in this expansion: helping Thrall and the Dragon Aspects kill Deathwing and his followers. They provide the overarching and primary conflict in Cataclysm that needs to be dealt with, not the fighting between the Horde and Alliance.

But once Deathwing goes and a new land of opportunity is discovered, who rebuilds, who explores, who defends and protects their people, and who seeks the pride of a conqueror?

I bet we're losing Stormwind and our new main city is going to be the outhouse in Searing Gorge.
Will there be a similar trade off? Hum, maybe we can have tarren mill, no wait to dinky and run down, how bout we take TB in exchange for Theramore? Sounds fair to me:D
But we already had an expansion of Alliance "pawns" being removed with only one Horde one going away (Tura'jo)... Why did the Alliance need any more motivation to attack the Horde outright? Or are you saying the Alliance leaders are just that temperate?

And my point is what has happened between the Horde and Alliance in Cataclysm is just the very beginning of that story.
10/23/2011 11:15 PMPosted by Baranar
You guys really need to have some faith in your faction and look ahead at what this one action will do as whole rather than as one event

The issue here isn't so much a lack of faith in their factions leadership; the alliance has leadership every bit as powerful as the horde. Instead the apprehension seems to stem mainly from the people writing the lore/quest text/what have you. It doesn't matter if the alliance firmly believes that their leaders/faction would totally beat the horde in an arm wrestling competition if the writers have already decided that they all lose.

Frankly this seems to be something that Blizzard has done a poor job of lately. It's just easier for them to dote on the horde I guess.
So, at BlizzCon we provided a few details about a new expansion and how it's going to have an ever-growing focus on the fight between the Horde and the Alliance in the wake of dispelling many very powerful threats to all of Azeroth. Then we find out a vague detail that some sort of unrelenting attack by the Horde on Theramore is to come. The Horde, to remind you, is currently a faction with an overzealous ruler and significant turmoil among their faction leaders; while the Alliance has almost never been quite so unified and far removed from the days of imprisoning orcs.

The first pawn on the chess board of what is to be the story for Mists of Pandaria is being moved, and you're angry at whose turn is first? I only offer that maybe there's a little more to the Horde and Alliance story lines in Mists than an Alliance town being leveled... like the entire expansion story you don't know about yet. ;)
If you wanna make an omelette...

Please, stop with this "Horde inner turmoil" crap. I am an Alliance player. I really could not care less whether Garrosh and Sylvanas want each other dead or want to make undead orc babies together. Horde lore is Horde lore. If that's supposed to be the Alliance's consolation, you guys are terrible writers.

I think by now everyone else has made our viewpoint on this "first move" line, but I'll go ahead and hit it too. You say there's more coming for the Alliance in the future, but you said that in Cata, and it never happened. We know the Horde is going to get stuff, but all we have that the Alliance will is your word, and honestly, that just doesn't mean much anymore. I think we have good reason to be upset.
I really hope Jaina strikes out on the horde with full anger hatred now that Thrall is no longer a horde the aspect of earth. I would love to see her shed blood and become just as vicious as Varian himself!



Please let this happen...I want to see her just go 'RAGE!' and burn everything.
10/23/2011 11:40 PMPosted by Zarhym
But we already had an expansion of Alliance "pawns" being removed with only one Horde one going away (Tura'jo)... Why did the Alliance need any more motivation to attack the Horde outright? Or are you saying the Alliance leaders are just that temperate?

And my point is what has happened between the Horde and Alliance in Cataclysm is just the very beginning of that story.

I'm stoked about this storyline. Jaina is the ONE freaking person in the Alliance who doesn't want the Horde to diaf and they burn down HER city? Oh, snap son.... You are going to have one pissed off Mage who also happens to be extremely influential in the Alliance... and that's EXACTLY how you get a good storyline going.
...I'd be content with simply knowing if there's plans on anything that benefits Night Elves. Alliance or not, lack of unity or not, they've been one of the races most affected by what the Cataclysm wrought and The Horde.

Will there be a certain 'closure' to important areas like Ashenvale? Why the heck would Night Elves bother with Pandaria if half of Ashenvale is burning, like it is right now? High King of The Alliance or not, if Tyrande's just going to be sending Night Elves over to some far-away mystical island while her own people are incredibly endangered...and if she does...welp. I'm out of words.

I also wonder when more info will be released on the battleground 'Crater of Aszhara', it sounds like something Night Elves would be interested in.
10/23/2011 11:40 PMPosted by Zarhym
And my point is what has happened between the Horde and Alliance in Cataclysm is just the very beginning of that story.

Could that story possibly, maybe, just slightly, include something that includes the Alliance not being steamrolled while King Chin continues to pout in his throne room because of the voices in his head? Or, you know, maybe giving the other Alliance faction leaders some level of spine, personality, and strength on par with what they had in the RTS (*coughTyrande*cough*).
*Looks at portrait, continues typing anyway*

Zarhym, please say Garrosh is about to get his !@# roflstomped. Same with the Forsaken. There have been too many Horde victorys this expac. If you guys are going through with this, then at least say that the Alliance will have there win. There reminding me of that "Hero" in every fantasy book that gets there butt handed to them at every turn, yet somehow makes it out alive, and pulls the decisive victory.
I hope the alliance destroys something too :D
I really hope this is all setting up for a big counter-attack by the Alliance, and possibly Jaina returning to her roots as a strong character, but after spending the entire expansion as the whipping-boy faction, I can't help but be skeptical.
10/23/2011 11:44 PMPosted by Enekie

And my point is what has happened between the Horde and Alliance in Cataclysm is just the very beginning of that story.

Do you at least understand why people are skeptical? The fact that the Horde have inner turmoil doesn't really give Alliance players anything. It just gives Horde players more to work with.

More, how are the Alliance races NOT in turmoil?

The Dwarves are in a lock for political power between the three clans.

The Night Elves had their High Priestess shot, and her husband is to busy to help his people because rawr, fire elementals. They also lost major heroes to the side of evil, and a large chunk of druids as well. Their lands were decimated, towns destroyed, and entire settlements were taken over by demons.

Gnomes can't take their home back..

The Alliance isn't "together"... It's in every bit as bad as shape as the Horde, and it worries me that they say it is.
Also the Alliance does have another port town very far south in Feralas by the Name of Feathermoon Strong hold who is massing up weapons and soldiers yet does nothing with them. Hmmmmmmm
I am rather concerned about the destruction of Theramore. But I'm more concerned by Jaina's reaction. I really would like to see her stick to her principles, rather than go off on some blood thirsty rampage. What I WOULD like to see is her step up to the plate and take a much stronger role. We have very few female faction leaders (and Jaina doesn't actually count, guys, sorry), and this might be an opportunity to do something towards rectify that. (Lets face it the female faction leaders we do have - Tyrande hasn't done anything (and Malfurion's back and bigger than ever), and Sylvannas seems to have gone completely around the twist. And Moira? Well she's almost but not quite as mad as Sylvannas, and she's only grasping power in order for her SON to inherit. Plus she's sharing it with two males... So I guess, what I'm trying to say is Moira doesn't count either.)

I'm not holding my breath that Jaina'll take over the Alliance, though. That's just a pipe dream (just as Her Tallness was).

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