6/8Heroic DS10man - Firelords - LF dps

Guild Recruitment

We're one of the leading progression guilds on the server, and we're looking for an excellant player to balance out our raids. We have a strong core of players and a friendly environment but at the same time we're progression focused. As stated in the title, we're exclusively 10man and plan to stay that way.We are looking for parsing dps, and this will be a guaranteed raiding spot, in other words, you will not be a bench warmer. =)

Guild Name- The Feral Aggressors
Contacts/Officers- Doraks, Bellachanel
Website- http://www.theferalaggressors.enjin.com/ --- all applications are private
Raid Days/Times- Sun-Wed 8-11pm PST
Recruitment Needs- 1 Pally (viable offspec is necessary)

What we require from our raiders:
-Respect for your fellow raiders and raid officers.
-Appropriate gear for your class and spec.
-Appropriate talents and glyphs.
-Gear enchanted and gemmed correctly.
-Consistency in raid attendance and performance. (90% Attendance)
-Ability to take constructive criticism and consider suggestions.
-Full understanding of all raid strategies.
-Attending raid prepared with reagents.

Current Raid Progression:

6/8 Heroic DS.

Loot System: Loot Council, we are very fair when it comes to loots with the principal rule being gearing up people at the same rate.

Please do not hesitate to apply or talk to an officer in game for more information.

While we are not currently actively searching for anything other than the above classes, if you believe you are an exceptional player of your particular class and spec, don’t be afraid to apply. We always are looking to update our roster with the best players available.
Still looking!
im 6/7 heroic prot pally with ret offspec looking for a new guild
To the top. Still looking for someone.
Hi Fuzzy,

Please apply at theferalaggressors.enjin.com/home

O_o, but.. I submitted an application form before you even posted that message! NOW I'M CONFUSED! XD
:O, sorry, didn't mean to confuse you lol.

Fuzzyglove and thefuzzy are differnt fuzzies ^^
Still looking for a hybrid class.

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