(A) Chaotic Peace is Recruiting

Chaotic Peace level 24 (50% to 25) is looking for active and dependable new raiders. Established for 2 years, same leaders and officers. All professions covered at 525 and collecting orbs. We've recently started raiding, though most have pugged many raids including FL. We're looking to start raiding as a guild. Raid times will be in the evenings and weekends most of us work day jobs. Raid days TBD by schedule of core group. We love to run guild randoms and jump into an old raid now and then, we enjoy doing things as a guild. We're helpful and fun and above all, this is just a game so we will never be hardcore. If you want to know what a guild that likes you to be there but understands when you can't and won't bench you for it, is like then give us a try. Send ingame mail or pst, Frostyglobes, Aramea, Anklebyte or Gabryel. See you on the other side where the only Peace you find is filled with Chaos.

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