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Recruiting for two RBG groups that will run twice a week. I will play my discipline priest, fire/frost mage, frost dk, and/or balance druid depending on what we need for each group.

Both groups will be competitive - prior arena/RBG experience is a plus. This group will begin playing on the first week of Season 12 and will be organized around the availability of the members within each group. Not having previous RBG experience is okay! These groups will be a learning experience -- especially the first season.

Please read below before responding.

If you are interested, you must be willing to grind your Season 11 honor gear within the first two weeks next season. This is to ensure our group is geared and competitive. You must be fully gemmed, glyphed and enchanted properly every night.

Please be ready to commit a few regular strategies to memory. Our first night I will lay out a few commonly used configurations for each map as well as each person's individual responsibilities. If a player repeatedly fails to meet those responsibilities, they will be given two warnings before they are benched. I am willing to work personally with each and every member of this group and try to make it work.

You must have or be willing to install Skype. You must have a working mic and headphones/speakers. There will be no exceptions to these requirements -- optimum performance means we must be able to communicate with one another effectively.

Once the schedule is set, players will be allowed one excused absence before being benched. Missing scheduled RBGs means that I have to find a substitution, explain your responsibilities, and go over strategies with them. Repeated absences will not be tolerated.

If you are interested, reply with the following:

Character name:
Previous PVP experience:
Weekly Availability:

Thank you to <BRB On Fire> for hosting these RBGs! If you have any questions whisper or send in-game mail to Nitacocktail or Mæge.
Bumpity bump.
Group 1 is 8/10, Group 2 is 6/10!
Good luck with your RBGs
Thank you elite!

Also good arena match the other day T_T
You were our first loss
Bump for Resto Shammies!
Group 1 is 9/10,
Group 2 is 9/10 and we are recruiting for fun run alt nights!
Let me know if you need a Hpally 2300 in 3s last season and 2075 in rbgs last season. Add Kevindclover@aim.com.
if you need a DK im willing to do a couple with you guys, went 2293 i think it was in RBG's last season.

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