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I just started doing this exact thing. I did not know someone else had been for so long. I am however considering adding a slight variation as I may level-lock after each level range so I can complete the quests near their intended level. This is also because I plan to do every dungeon as well as quest and I would be out of the bracket for most too quickly if I did not level-lock.
got it about 4 months ago ! as for aldor/scryer i started with scryer, got them to exalted, now un-grinding to get exalted with aldor.
its a godawfull grind but im also a rep/tabard collector :P
I managed to succeed this past weekend! :D A few highlights:

-Got level 80 in Borean, which was my first Northrend zone.
-Solo'd Amphitheatre of Anguish at 83, but not before buying gear appropriate to my level: the mana cost curve from 80 to 85 is pretty steep.
-Got level 85 during Vashj'ir.
-Only got Explorer last night, because I was silly and forgot about the two small Horde camps in western Twilight.

Cata was, honestly, a bit of a letdown from an Alliance-Horde difference standpoint - except for Twilight Highlands. Running that chain, I honestly don't see what the complaints are about - the concept was unique and rather exciting. Daring mid-air raids against Horde zeppelins, escorting valuable beer across enemy lines, bringing feuding clans of dwarfs together... I found it rather awesome.

But maybe that's just me.
found this thread and seemed like an update support group of some sort for achieving loremaster :) so thought id join up. Working on Eastern Kingdom., trying to finish 1 to 3 zones a day.

I think its really interesting from a horde view point as well in comparison to alliance, as I attempted this on alliance before.
I had started on Loremaster last year and am now resuming after an extended break from WoW.

90 quests in Darkshore was just ... eep.

In Ashenvale ATM which is SO much more fun than I remember. I have to say Cata makes the old zones so much more enjoyable.

Also, being able to get some exalted reps along the way is fun also, and not a grind at all.

Hoping to finally complete Loremaster before the expansion comes out but it's definitely a longer-term commitment, so if not achieved by then ... oh well. Doing my best to enjoy the journey and not just push to the destination. :)
I'm into Desolace now! In the past week I have done Darkshore (endless) and Ashenvale (better).

Even though I groaned and moaned about Darkshore, I had to finish the 140 in Icecrown to get the Northrend title. I never finished them the first time around.

So just Kalimdor left, about 60% and then Loremaster!

Like the poster above, want to finish before the patch is active and I need time to tinker with the new stuff and fight for Theramore.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot Stonetalon too which I enjoyed. Did not feel too good about arming the Grimtotem!
I just wanted to hop in and say good luck to everyone still going for it I finished mine off recently and the big thing stopping for awhile was Blade's Edge. I finished in Thousand Needles which had a much better feel then I thought it would.
I'm 2 weeks behind the patch but I finished everything except for MoP.

Playing through Azeroth was quite fun with all the changes. Well done Blizzard! My favorite new quest was probably in Badlands, The Day that Deathwing Came. Very fun. Finished up in Icecrown tonight in the arena which was fun also.

I'm a little disappointment about missing the patch, but on the bright side, it gives me a reason to do all of the MoP quest lines on this toon in every new zone on the way to 90.

All set and ready for the expansion, hoping to have Loremaster by year's end but not in a time crunch.

It's definitely an achievement worth doing, and at 85 it's fun being able to focus on the storylines because killing things is evidently trivial, including group quests. You can easily solo all of it at 85 and you do not need to do any dungeons.

To those who want to stay at level, a word of caution that Icecrown has an insane amount of group quests that are imperative if you want to get all 140, and even with the cross-realm phasing, it may still be difficult to get a group together unless you have guildies helping you out.

To those who want to make a no-death rule I'd caution you because you will have to do Sons of Hodir quests in Storm Peaks, and the one where you have to fly a drake around and then climb in its mouth and kill with a spear took me a couple deaths before I got the hang of it as it requires some timing to not lose your grip and bring down its health bar in enough time before it tosses you off (from a height that you WILL die from unless you manage to summon your mount or hit flight form in mid air). Just FYI if you're serious about deleting your character in case of death, cause that just might do you in if you're not the most coordinated of people (I'm not). :D

Getting to exalted with quite a few factions along the way was certainly a bonus. I got my Frostsaber mount while I was questing around in Kalimdor which made that quite easy also. While you're there ... right? :D

Kalimdor - done
Eastern Kingdoms - done
Outland - done
Northrend - done
Cataclysm - done
Next up: Pandarien.

Couple weeks downtime to check out the changes with the patch and maybe get a couple General achievements just for fun before questing starts all over again with the new content.

On a side note, it turns out that I didn't find Darkshore half as annoying as Bloodmyst. Way too much running around, and no flying possible. They dumbed down the elite quests but the rest of it still felt very cumbersome to do. I kinda pushed through Outland just to get it over with because the 5-1/2-year-old content felt very rough around the edges. I sincerely hope that Burning Crusade content will be overhauled and polished with the expansion.

Wowhead was VERY helpful by the way. As was the Loremaster add-on which helped save time looking around for quest givers in Outland where things are not as streamlined although if you follow all the breadcrumbs it shouldn't be too difficult.

Good luck to everyone still working on Loremaster, and congrats to all who managed to get it before the patch! Great way to experience the content and lore!
^^ Wow, who is this wordy person?? Jeez. LOL.

Anyway. Loremaster in the bag as of today. Done and done. Woop Woop! >.<
grats loremaster ! and it is a great way to experience the lore and content across all of azeroth.
Congrats on that! looks like a load of fun, idk if this thread will ever be read by anyone but it caught my attention. I will be attempting this challenge on my Human Priest Sanercy, I will try to keep this thread updated!
I've actually decided to complete this challenge on my dreanei mage Ligiea, almost complete with the starting zone :) will be going to bloodmyst next.
I will also be playing with pvp toggled on, always good to keep some Potion of illusion's on hand to prevent ganking.
I'm now stuck, i don't know if I should level my draenei mage, or leveling something else. Any suggestions?
I'm 2 weeks behind the patch but I finished everything except for MoP.

Playing through Azeroth was quite fun with all the changes. Well done Blizzard! My favorite new quest was probably in Badlands, The Day that Deathwing Came. Very fun. Finished up in Icecrown tonight in the arena which was fun also.

Somehow I had never managed to do this quest before (I didn't even find it until well after I got the Badlands achievement, and then only because I was looking for all the Wrathion lore I could find). I have to agree, what a hoot! It's right up there with Gnomeageddon for one of the most enjoyable quests in the game.

I have about half of Arathi Highlands to go, and EK is finished; all of Southern Barrens and Kalimdor is done, and maybe a quarter of Dread Wastes and Pandaland is finished. Looking forward to getting my hideous Loremaster colors even if I am doing a few of these last regions on level-appropriate alts.
Are you guys achieving Loremaster using alts or on one single toon? Personally, I think a single toon is preferable, but Blizzard in their *infinite wisdom* finds lowering the worth of achievements better for some reason.
i achieve everything on this toon. its my only one.

so far :)
I did all of Outland and Northrend on this toon, and am just about through all of Pandaria. I was most of the way to old world Loremaster when Cata hit and reset everything as he was about lvl 68. I started redoing all the quests on this toon, but opted for having my alts do the remaining pieces at level-appropriate instead since it was too boring autokilling everything. I may go back and do them on Zemo some day, but there are only so many hours in the day.
okay what the heck...ima go for it :D

stumbled across this thread looking for ways to see only this toon's achievements for loremaster and saw the challenge...count me in...also gonna do the level lock, thanks for that tip!

Good luck to us all!
I think I might do it on this char since I just got out of the worgen starting zone... doubt I'll play a lot though... but still sounds fun enough.

I'll update my progress here in case anybody cares xD.

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