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Moon Guard
It is with a heavy heart that I do confirm, what is obvious in, Iron Dragon has decided to cease attempts to continue progressive raiding.

There is a gray area between what takes determination to tough it through the hard times and when something is being beaten to the point it is not going to recover. The guild had many times of toughing it out and progressing; we have certainly given it a strong game face and toughed out the past eight weeks to test our mettle in hopes that more faces would join our goals to continue on. Faces have come and gone and it simply did not end in our favor. We're at a point now where we cannot sustain a stable raiding environment equal to what our core is capable of and deserves.

This year overall has been a struggle from my viewpoint as the recruiting officer to now the guild leader. There were many discussions on lineup, refining a player to match the expected level, dealing with people falling out, and simply having enough bodies to continue regardless of their experience and ability at some points. In the height of the struggle where we had enough people to swap out to push content, we managed to get Realm First Nefarian in an echo of our former achievements and the sheer fact the fight favored a 25 lineup heavily. That was the highest point, but there were many others where we had that burst of joy and achievement for getting down a boss. The feats we succeeded given the cards and cirmcumstances were very much in the way Iron Dragon worked. Few hours of raiding, big achievements. A small pool of people to pull from and managing to push it through, dragging the others along hoping they would get on their feet and start running along with the core. Some did that while others cried and left realizing they had little idea the type of work it takes to push content and be the best. It's not a mindset that everyone is willing to have.

It's a broken record to repeat what I hear day in and out that "this is Moon Guard". We managed over three years with that fact before. It was a blessing and a curse; the curse was constantly looking for people who really loved raiding through off server and absorbing fallen guilds, the blessing was with limited time and not professional raiders to still gain server firsts and be the top players in the community with no real competition even months behind the majority of world raiding progression. With the exception of the professional example Fourth Wall has brought to our server, making Moon Guard 124th in the US with an impressive Heroic Ragnaros kill many servers still lack, there is a raiding community on this unique diverse server despite rankings ignoring the Moon Guard stereotype that I hope never dies out. I never heard of another server who had so many people return to it as 'home' over and over like this one.

Many things have occured this year that has negatively impacted Moon Guard from a progressive raiding perspective: the change from 25 to 10s in equality has diluted the raiding pool severly as people lower their standards and stick to small groups that wait for content difficulty drops to view it and ignore the extra achievements and challenges, the emergence of new guilds trying to copy in their own guilds instead of joining pre-existing ones, the aging and loss of our officer core, also diluted from lack of willing bodies spread out over multiple guilds, with a mix of pride and denial that lacks to train and prepare others to continue on. Not uncommon to hear of, but certainly things to keep in mind and work with.

In the midst of that though, I am humbled and honored to be the one, on behalf of everyone who was a part of the guild from the alumni and from the current roster, to say Thank You.
Thank you to all of our members, past and present. From the jokes and friendly dps competition it was like an oasis of people who wanted to be awesome without most of the nonsense other people put up with in raid constantly. Regardless where anyone goes, in or out of game, the same mentality exists to do the best and push. I hope that same resolve is applied to real life as much as raiding. I hope that in work and school and home you do research, you follow others and learn from their experiences to not make the same mistakes and the best 'strategy' to use. I hope you take critism as its intended and give it in turn to make eachother stronger or get rid of the clutter in your life. I hope you look back and evaluate yourself and always strive to work on something. I hope you are awesome always.
Thank you to the majority of the server and outside friends. There has always been in the midst of one troll a score of people ready to stand up on our behalf. The name Iron Dragon is respected, even if some people fear our 'elistism', and we've always given it back in turn. It has always been appreciated and never went unnoticed. Thank you for all the encouragement and messages over the past three years. Thank you for well wishes in our harder times. Thank you for all the questions and sharing information, be it asking how a spec works or how to get through a specific fight's mechanic, through tells and letters. Thank you for all the well-wishes; the past couple months had a large calling of people who, unable to raid, still hoped for the best. Thank you in sharing the server's victories and congratulations.

One of the most amazing points, clearly close to the top, was the Celestial Defender kill. It really shows a great example of the community we play in where so many people got together in Dalaran, Horde and Alliance, and lagged the server tremendously to gather around the statue Rhonin uses as a beacon to send the message to the titans. Trade was ablaze with cheers and talk for those who couldn't be in Dalaran, whispers and says were going by so fast; it was truly remarkable. One guild cannot do that; an entire server can.

At this point Iron Dragon becomes a quiet hub for alts and perks. Those who wish to level up in a nice library-type environment in the quiet halls of the guild are welcome. There will be a night of casual alt raiding to be determined.

Thank you again, Moon Guard.
Iron Dragon has always and will always be a corner stone of Moon Guard history. Your excellence will never be forgotten.
Sad to see Iron Dragon go like this, can't really blame you though for this decision. Not like it's your guys' fault anyways, what with Cataclysm being a fairly stale expansion, I just don't see people being super excited or caring about raids like I used to.
It is a shame; I have always enjoyed people from Iron Dragon. I know none of the people I played with ever complained. Made a lot of friends in ID.

Much love,
This is unfortunate news and I had hoped greatly you would be able to continue strong. Iron Dragon will always be remembered as one of Moon Guard's finest raiding guilds.

I am so sorry to see you guys go this route. I kinda looked up and cheered you guys on during Wrath. I hope I will still see members running around, former and current. /salutes
Every time I saw your guild name pop up with a new Realm First!, I felt heartened that even if I couldn't make it to the new content, someone else did.

It's a shame to see this end. Good luck in your future endeavors!
You're amazing, Iava.
Best of luck to you all.
10/31/2011 09:03 AMPosted by Seriana
Nothing good lasts forever.

War. War never changes.

Or does it?

On-topic, it's a sad thing to see go, but it was a long trip. Granted I wasn't there when it founded, I've followed their progression since on I was on this server.
You guys have been an inspiration and a proof that Moon Guard really is Better Than All That. I remember Armorying you guys when you got your Realm First! achievements, and drooling over your gear and your stats.

I remember the <Iron Dargon> trolls. (Did someone finally nail those guys? I don't see them around anymore, I hope they got what they deserved...)

I think one of you all joined my DK's guild on a run for content a tier behind--either during Wrath or Cata, not sure which. Either way, you out-geared and out-achieved us, and you were still respectful and nice, and not an elitist jerk at all.

We'll miss you, <Iron Dragon>. And...if I need a new home for an alt...I may come poking around.

To honour the memory, y'know.
At least leadership didn't decide to go pandaren guild or disband.


I said it.


You. Mr. Mad Scientist.

I like you.

Edit: Always liked Iron Dragon, sad to see them go. Best of luck to it's members. /ontopic
This only applies to me personally. When I first came to Moon Guard a long long time ago. I started raiding immediately because that's what I used to do when I first played WoW. I instantly became aware of Iron Dragon on my first day on Moon Guard.

Iron Dragon from that day on became my sole goal of competition and 'wind behind my sails' if you will, that would push me to keep going in raiding. We all remember the intense race we shared in H-ICC between WotR and ID. Things got heated and trash talking happened. I also felt like our server truely was Horde vs Alliance in those days because of our two guilds. The bloodbathes in Wintergrasp when either one of our guilds joined was definitely some of the most fun I have ever had.

Since I was in WotR I know inherently most of ID does not like me but I will end this with letting the core of ID know that I have for a very long time respected and used y'all as an inspiration to continue my raiding here on Moon Guard and not giving up on this server like so many others we come across in our niche of WoW.

-With much saddness to see you go.
Nest, Nestey, Tense, Shucks

Almost forgot (<3 to my only ID friend for a very very long time Reanai xoxo)
Sadness. :(
I remember this guild a while back, I remember when I was in Wotr I was pouring over your logs every week and taking bits and pieces from your casters and integrating what I thought worked well into my own play.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt I wouldn't be where I am right now in progression if it wasn't for you all inspiring me to always press forward. Now I feel I can give the same advice to you, keep pressing on and use your experience as not a means to an end but as yet as another stepping stone to better yourself as Heroic Raiders.

Those of you that have a large enough drive to continue to progress will find a means to do so. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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