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Moon Guard
I've always admired Iron Dragon and hate to see you go like this. I wish you all the best of luck, wherever the winds may take you. You will not be forgotten.
Sorry to see you all go, feels like the end of an era :(

Best of luck to all impacted by this.
Thank you for this thread. It seems like guilds all too often vanish without a trace, and no fitting farewell or salute at the end of respected raiding careers.

I remember Iron Dragon's humble beginnings in the ashes of late TBC (okay the beginnings weren't actually that humble - I seem to recall a rather rapid climb!), and its rise to one of the most successful raid groups the server has known. It won't be quite the same place without it.

Best wishes to all involved, and a salute to Iron Dragon's long roster of leadership and raiders.
*salute Iron Dragon*
I always envied Iron Dragon's name. The image of a formation of heavily armed soldiers carving a swath through enemy ranks like a vicious serpent never ceased to impress me. Thank you for your contribution to the Horde and Moon Guard. Your valor will not be forgotten.
Bliztok/Arranth here.

I truly hate seeing this guild go under due to past events, but I have so many great memories from Wotlk, from fighting people in the ICC summoning area, guild premades with Balecry playing Prot/Ret in eots totally destroying people.

I enjoyed our vent conversations the most, from Drunk members singing to each other, to the jokes that would make Iava faint. never a dull moment there. always something to do when I was in ID.

I know at the time I wasnt the best at my class, but i showed up everyday no matter if i was needed or not just to support my guild. and im happy to know that the community supports it in the same way.
I always loved this guild even though I was not a raider through your peek. I remember cheering on through many realm firsts you all achieved and though it'd never happen even in the days that EoO has started raiding I looked forward to trying to steal one of those server firsts away from ID though that seemed unlikely.

You guys have been amazing in all your time on MG, you've been a cornerstone of the raiding empire that has been here and I'm really sad to see you guys go. Thank you for your time here, I wish it could have lasted longer.

In the six years I've been raiding not once did I have such the hand spasmimg, frustrating, triumphant, yelling, laughing, keyboard banging pleasure of an experience that o had in the short year as an Iron Dragon. From getting pulled in as a social by Mimo, to filling a missing DPS spot on to bashing my big bear face against Heroic Nefarion alongside twenty four other determined people until the scaly bastard fell... That experience, the feeling afterwards, the excited whispers, the absolute chaos on vent. That's something I will have with me forever.

Thank you, Iron Dragon.

Keep in touch guys
Muchos Love.

I remember many nights in Dalaran or in raids, being spammed with the name of ID getting realm firsts.

Good luck to all involved in future endeavors! :-)
O how i will always remember the days back in Wotlk, and the constant battle for progression against Wrath of the righteous. And for those who were in WotR, we didn't hate you <3 in fact alot of use were friends, but when it came to progression we defiantly thrived on the competition, and thats what made it so fun and intense. So dont be timid to post, your words are thoughtful and appreciated.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes, Iron Dragon was a legendary guild, that will be remembered forever by Moon Guard. This guild made some big shoes to be filled. It was an honor to stick it through until the very end.

<Iron Dargon> i remeber this guild, i actually has a toon in it, a lvl 1 belf hunter named Valentiny to mimic Valentina, But i do believe the guild was forced name change do to many many complaints hehe.

For those around in wrath, you may have known me as Dora, Holy paladin for Iron Dragon, and for those that know me now as Staryu, i say Thank you. It has been a true honor to be apart of this guild for so long.

May its reputation live on,





:( sad to see u go
Iron Dragon will always hold a place in my heart. It's a part of my gaming history.

I ended up stumbling into the ranks with a rather embarrassing display. I remember Balecry always saying, "The only person I was mistaken for being a flake was Reanai." I never outwardly exclaimed I was the best around, but ID brought out the best of me, both as a person and as a player. They're a community I love and raiders I respect. We cracked jokes together, bashed our skulls, and growled in frustration; but, we did it as a family.

It all began to shine with Ulduar. It felt like an arms race between several guilds. ID, WotR, BotF, HotRS, IO; all came to the party, and all had guns. Racing through Hard Modes in Ulduar, then TotGC. Obtaining the Celestrial Defender, then Death's Demise, and Grand Crusader; all felt like an accomplishment, one way or another. I was there for each and every one of these accomplishments, and pushed through the trials of the year-long ICC. I think that raid left some irreparable cracks in the guild.

Cata 4.0 was interesting. We pushed and pulled and trudged through problem after problem, and we grabbed at rocks, together, while scaling the cliffside. At our peak was the Heroic Nefarion kill. Happy as I was about it, I wondered if the community still even cared. Cataclysm has numbed so much of how players seem to view raiding. However, the forums showed up, and the resounding congratulation was moving.

In ID, I always felt like an important part of the MG community. It's sad to see the guild laid to rest, but I'll always cherish the love I received from the guild and from Moon Guard while I was a part of the history.

To Moon Guard: Thank you.

To ID: I love you guys.
There's nothing wrong with a 'dilution' of raiders. Some people want to see content, but don't care if they're first or last, heroic or not. They're in it for the fun, and not in competition with anyone but themselves. Why should they have to join a hardcore raiding guild for that? I don't know you guys, don't know if the following comment applies, and I'm assuming it doesn't, but a lot of hardcore raiding guilds I've dealt with have absolutely horrible attitudes, and it's not something a lot of people want to deal with in their game. But then, my experience with hardcore anything is that the fun gets sucked right out of it. That's not the server's fault. But then, again not knowing you guys, I'm not saying it's yours either. Just an observation of someone who's been around a few.

You can enjoy raiding casually, not worrying where everyone else stands compared to you. Hell, it might even be more fun if you remove that pressure. Give it a go.

/salute. Hope you guys had fun, and continue to do so, however you choose to go on from here.
10/31/2011 09:03 AMPosted by Seriana
Nothing good lasts forever.

Nothing gold can stay.

On topic, I am sad to see ya'll go. :<
What a shame.. although we still have Fourth Wall, I don't think most people really consider them a part of the Moon Guard community whereas Iron Dragon was distinctly homegrown. I hope everyone finds a place to be in the post ID Horde.
This makes me sad, really sad. Although I didn't raid with you guys, I was proud to wear the ID tabard for the short time that I did. Best of luck to all of you and I hope to see you all around.

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