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This past weekend I finally finished up setting my final configuration/macro/keybinds/layouts with my addons and UI(i use ElvUI) in preparation of 4.3. I'm a re-subscriber(this being my first 85) and tweak my "stuff" hard once I lvl a char to max lvl to ensure I'm not practicing bad habits during end game content (my focus being pvp). One of the nice features I've noticed and have been looking forward to implement in game was the evolution of saving and loading layout profiles to include bindings/macros for different situations. (such as specific layouts for arena,bg's,pve, professions, ah, etc.) instead of exiting out of game to go "play" with folders.

Disclaimer-I am no tech by any means

Today on Halloween (while practicing new binds, etc) My WoW Dc'd. If anyone has been a subscriber for a marginal length of time, they can usually expect a pattern of how the DC affects their computer. The DC i experienced was odd altogether (I could not even up my task manager to resolve the issue)

After restarting my computer, and relogging into wow; I noticed all my "stuff" was gone. Fortunately, I have gone through similar troubleshooting chores before and am decent at pinpointing the problems, thereby resolving them. I went straight to my WoW folder and fortunately, found my macros in my .old files and my Addons were still there. However, my configs/layouts/macros were gone and after looking at not only account specific folders but Char specific folders as well could not seem to find them.

In addition, i found two files in the main WoW folder that i had not seen nor experienced before. One was a WoWmfil file the other was a WoWtfil. The mfil seemed to be a gateway of sorts and the tfil seemed to be the code (which lead me to believe that the prepatch may have something to do with it.

Not being experienced with these types of files I have sense changed my account settings in fear of a possible hack attempt.

My question (after the aforementioned text wall crit:)) was is there a way to get my UI profiles and macros back to make my life somewhat easier and get back to "play" time, or am I looking at more "work" before I enjoy my monthly 14.99?

Addons-ElvUI, TidyPlates, GladiatorlosSA, Clique, LoseControl
ISP-ATT Uverse
Various options to consider-run on Directx9 instead of 11

Anyhelp in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Addons configs, etc: No. It sounds like the game engine crashed or something. In these cases, settings don't save properly.

mfil & tfil: They're used by the launcher for patching. Don't touch them.

Dx9 vs DX11: Use dx11 if you can - requires Vista SP2/Windows 7, and a DX10 or DX11 graphics card (wow will adjust settings internally to use DX10 instead if using a DX10 card). DX11 mode generally will see higher fps.
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