how to keep mage alive at low level?

i started to play some spell caster now since my melee all hit the level cap
the first one was dumbkin, gave up pretty fast because of worst performing in bg
soon i decided to get a mage on the road, hoped is fun in pvp
i am not a twink but i got a pvp shoulder on me.
i find a real problem for mage pvp at low.
how they survive long enough to do some damage?
if on the road i see a hunter, i run no need to say it. one shot is done.
all spell caster, why priest have all they need, got shield that absorb all type of damage, they got heals and they have better Dot damage.

when i encounter a shadow priest, the situation was like this

he put is shield as soon as he saw me , i put mage ward on which does nothing to shadow damage but just looks cool since that is the only protection i have got at moment(lvl 39) he spam 3 dots on me, i am bleeding i burst fire on him , he absorbed. he keep spamming i losing my health ( we no heals)
From what I heard from PvP mages leveling in cata, the situation becomes much, much, much better around the 40's, just like in Wrath, BC and Vanilla. Other than that, it's quite annoying, even horrible because you don't get any reward for the risk you take to dish out some damage, at least until the 20's.
Look forward to Ice Barrier and even more to Deep Freeze. If you're fire, Dragon's Breath. Arcane? Uh. Until you can 2 shot peeps with AB.

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