Destro PvE 4.3

So are we saved next patch?
Chaos Bolt will still hit like the wettest noodle ever.
the current changes to burning embers have soul fire ticks going for about 1.5k while the imp firebolts overwrite that damage with 900 ticks. As such the most current top way to do destruction is to use the felhound and only cast incinerate and chaos bolt during backdraft and hard cast soulfire to keep burning embers rolling.

10/22/2011 10:31 AMPosted by Epiales
So are we saved next patch?

idk but u should try out goh warlock by googling goh warlock addon

we added a bunch of destruction sound clips on spells which will make ur gameplay more fun.

i've tested it out but i haven't really played destruction since vanilla

would like some destruction lock feedback

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