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Guild Recruitment
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Current Progression:

Dragon Soul

8/8 25H • 8/8 25m


6/7 25H • 7/7 25m


4/5 Hm • 4/4 - BoT

1/2 Hm • 2/2 - TotFW

6/6 Hm • 6/6 - BWD

<Church of RNG> is a 25man raiding guild that formed in April 2010, months after the Icecrown Citadel debut of Wrath of the Lich King. Our leadership core has been together for years now, starting in BC as a tight-knit 10-man group.We are an active, talented, quickly progressing guild that extremely quickly moved into the top-tier of progression guilds on Cho'gall after deciding to become 25-man. We have extremely high ambitions for Cataclysm.Throughout WotLK we cleared the most difficult 10-man content (Ulduar 1-light, TOGC-Insanity, 12/12 HMs in 10m-ICC all as a strict 10-man guild, before recruiting to 25-man status. We were one of only 3 guilds to get Light of Dawn while it was current content.

Raid Schedule

Cataclysm Raid Schedule (if ALL of these don't work, don't bother applying):

Tuesday 8pm server to 12am server.

Wednesday 8pm server to 12am server.

Thursday 8pm server to 12am server.

Members are expected to attend as many raid nights as possible (core raiders average well over 90%), for the full duration. We manage to farm current hardmode content as well as practice progression fights in a relatively light raiding schedule, so raiders are expected to bring their "A-game" at all times.

Recruitment Status:


Paladin - Open

Warrior - Open

Druid - Open

Melee DPS:

Feral Cat Druid - Open

Fury Warrior - Open

Rogue - Open

DPS DeathKnight - Open

Enhancement Shaman - Open

Retribution Paladin - Open

Ranged DPS:

Moonkin - Open

Mage - Open

Warlock - Open

Shadow Priest - Open

Hunter - Open

Elemental Shaman - Open


Holy Priest - Open

Disc Priest - Open

Restoration Druid - Open

Restoration Shaman - Open

Holy Paladin - Open

If your class says "Low" or "Full", but you feel you are exceptionally skilled and are interested in a high tier 25man raiding guild, feel free to apply anyways.

Loot System:

Loot Council -- Our Officer Core distributes mainspec loot fairly with priority to those who use it the best, a mix of attendance, skill, class and upgrade potential, with the end goal of maximizing the power of the guild. Offspec loot is typically /roll 100'd, but if there are players that use their offspec to progress the guild they will be given priority.

We are located on the US-Cho'gall server, which is a Central Time, North America server.

Other information:

Fun Fact: RNG stands for Random Number Generation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNG), the fundamental mechanic underlying all Role-Playing Games. Hence the <Church of RNG> suggests a humorous worship or devotion to said mechanic, that it might in turn be benevolent to us. This is of course ridiculous, and is incidentally a parody of organized religion.

We are a performance guild. There will be no "carrying" and no tolerance of sub-par performance. We are talented and devoted players and expect nothing less of you.

The <Church of RNG> has a GUILD COMES FIRST mindset. Any individual member's WoW goals come second. We are not here to gear players out or get them achievements, we are here to make the entire guild successful -- downing bosses and progressing through content. If you don't 100% agree, contacting us is a waste of time.

Contact Info

(o) Ingame : Fear | RealID : Imfooled@aol.com
(o) Ingame : Ace | RealID : Anglammaroth@gmail.com
(o) Ingame : Lolër | RealID : Sephirofl@gmail.com

If all of the above interests you and makes sense, please apply at
http://RNG.Guildomatic.com or contact Fear, Ace or Lolër in-game on US-Cho'gall!

Still looking for an exceptional tank!
Still looking lol.
Still in need of one more tank. =)
Looking for a few more skilled dps to round out this tier, and to get ready for Dragonsoul.
In light of Dragonsoul coming up we're opening the books for all exceptional classes looking forward to playing in the Dragonsoul raids.
First week was pretty fun, and the raid doesn't seem half bad but now it's on to tackle the heroics. Looking for exceptional players of all classes still.
Looking for players =)

1/8 HM 400 world, 150 us
8/8 Normal - 200 world, 100 us
--- Still looking for exceptional players.
Following up on a recruitment post made on my alt's thread. My friend and I are looking for a guild together, if you can accommodate us both, our logs, profiles and contact info is listed after the jump. Hope to hear from you soon.


(Disc Priest - sos/aa) My profile: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/misha/Moralune/simple
(Bear Tank/Boomy)His Profile:

Logs: (For him look for Gladiator or Kythaela, for me look for Moralune or Lipstick)

http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/140717/ (Firelands stuff)
http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/174795/ (More current stuff)

Raid Experience (we had experience in BC and early Wrath but keeping this short)

ICC 9/12HM 10/25 Prior to Full Nerfs.
Tier 11 Normals + 1-2 HM kills.
Firelands 7/7 N (10m) + Few Misc 25m kills (heroic shannox, with 19 people ftw)
Firelands 4/7 H (10m) Guild began to fall apart as we began pushing progression, experienced with 6/7HM just ran out of time.
LFR Demon Soul 8/8
Demon Soul Normal 5/8 atm.


we don't want to raid more than 12 hours a week (or more than 3 days per week, although we're open to the occasional clean up day).
we prefer to stay horde (but will go blue for the right guild)
we strongly prefer 10's to 25's, as we feel like a face not a number (If it's the right 25m, we'll consider it).

How to Contact us:

Email or Real ID: Lipstickshc @ Gmail.com
Low Level alt On misha/horde side.
I am available for vent or mumble interviews.
Still looking for quality heals and dps =)
RealID request sent Mora
Still in search of any and all exceptional players.
Wtb tank who has a clue as well as some ranged/heals for core spots. =)
hey fear :D
Bump, Bump bump it up
Looking for one non paladin tank, a few exceptional ranged dps and some heals =)
Still looking for the above. We may have a melee position as well soon with somebody leaving the game. So please, if you're an exceptional player and love 25 man, check us out.
http://rng.guildomatic.com to fill out an application.
I agree with all of the above =)
Recruiting select Melee, Ranged, Heals and all other exceptional players for core spots.
Schedule : Tue-Thurs / 8-12 Server (Central) .
Class needs and applications @ http://rng.guildomatic.com
Still in need of select melee, quality ranged, and heals. Tue-Th 9-1EST


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