Fresh lvl 85 Fury Warrior - PvE Gear?

I just ding'd 85 and I'm looking for Fury Warrior gear to get me into Heroics. I'm looking for some kind of guide to get the best gear I can before I start Heroics. I figure I need to grind rep or something.

I'm sure there's already a thread similar to this, so if it's easier to point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.
Grind JP/VP, get the highest ilvl stuff you can afford.
I might have sounded snarky before. Let me put it to you this way:

We live in the post-3.4 world of warcraft environment. This means Just about every slot has something to purchase from JP and that stuff will get you as ready for raiding as you need to be.

Composing a list is rather redundant, because you can't go wrong with just getting whatever has the highest ilvl. Some things will be better than others, but the truth is when you can purchase the current tier normal mode weapons and armor and fill everything else in with JP/VP, there just isn't much to have to worry about.

You do need to grind dragonmaw and therazane rep though. And you might as well do earthen ring for the tank chant.
Thanks a lot Silentmart! Don't worry, you didn't come off as snarky.
The dailies starting out by Sanctuary of Malorne in Hyjal do have a couple of decent pieces also, but do take a while to finish so that you can buy them. is a good tool as well
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Brb, reserving this name for when I eventually roll a rogue.
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Grind JP/VP, get the highest ilvl stuff you can afford.

Find a Smith and get 2 Nerf swords made

Run FL Dailies every day and unlock all of the vendors for the rest of the misc pieces.

If you can handle ZA/ZG you should be able to handle dpsing BWD/To4W/BoT.

Edit: BTW Steelwork, nice costume. I had that whole set plus Kara offset pieces back durring BC all gemmed and enchanted (I had more +healing than a lot of pallies starting Kara :D)

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