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I have a question about looking up someone’s alts. Recently I was in a random and I mentioned I have been tanking on my main for 4 years and a few minutes later without me mentioning my tanks name he fired back with the name of my tank the level and the talent tree build. How the heck did he look up what alts I have on my account none of my names are anywhere close to each other. I would like to know how this is possible for a player to have access to that information. Someone please help.
Are they all in the same guild?

If so, it wouldn't be hard to figure out, just by looking the guild up and finding out which tanking toons have been around for 4 years.

other than that, I don't know of any way they can, unless they are on your Real ID list. :p
Is your tank in the same guild as the toon you were doing the random on? If so, it wouldn't take long to search the armory and look at the tank spec toons and deduct from there.

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