Guild Listings & Recruitment Updated 7/21/12

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I can remove you from the list, or leave you on either way. If I try to keep up with people recruitment needs, this thread will be over run with requests. Its more so a directory to redirect people to your website, where they can explore your recruitment. Removed for now, if you guys want added later, please post!
removed will work just fine, thanks
Don't forget to add your guild to this if you haven't already, and request the sticky!
<Seven Sages>
10 mans
Tues/Thurs/Sunday 8-11:30 CST
Contact Point: Danaripride or Vajigar
Currently Not Recruiting, may change soon.
<Dream Synapse>
10 man (casual raiding)
Raid Days/Times: Thurs and Mon from 8-11 pm CST
Contact Point: Propayne
Added thanks :D don't forget to request a sticky!
The list is up to date and current, alphabetized and in final format! Thanks for the help, now lets get us a sticky!
Since I noticed another guild with a similar setup, please edit Seraphim's listing:

10 Man
Tues/Wed/Sun 8:45PM - 12AM CST | Thurs 8:45PM - 12AM CST
Contact Points: Ashleycakez, Beefyt

Thanks for keeping these things up to date.
We don't use our guild website very much, and hellenne plays 900 toons, so if you wouldn't mind adding my name there as well i'd love you forever <3

Good write up btw
10 Mans
Wed/Sun 7:30 pm - 1100pm CST
Contact Point: Gerloth & Bellatrikz

Please edit to how i adjusted it. Also appreciate the work you have done, keep up the good work.
Sorry please change raid dates/times for Dream Synapse

Mon-Thurs from 7:30 - 10:30 pm CST
All updated, thanks for the changes!
Updated 11/3/2011, still no sticky O.o

Blues - make this sticky!!!!
Adding you here in a second, however if you guys are looking for web hosting, wow-stead is an easy to set up and free to use. It is integrated right into your guild, so requires very little knowledge to set up :D

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