Guild Listings & Recruitment Updated 7/21/12

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<Paranoid Android>
10 Mans
Tues/Thurs/Mon 8:00 - 12:00 CST
Contact Point: Misa, Valiin, Hezza
<Deus Ex>
PvE - 10m progression, 10 & 25m retros; PvP - RBGS, Arenas
Days vary by group, generally late: 9pm - midnight server
Recruiting Contact: Rowynnë
Hey Shakk, would you please add Lethalis as an additional contact for Girth?

Also, our recruitment thread is now here:

Thanks for all your work! :)

PvE/PvP -- 10 man PvE & RBG teams.
Raid Dates & Times: Vary due to 5 individual PvE teams and 2 RBG teams
Contact: PvE-Ghostwolfe PvP-Katiannah/Goregoyle

PvE/PvP -- 10 man PvE & RBG teams. Raid Dates & Times: Vary due to 5 individual PvE teams and 2 RBG teams. Contact: PvE- Ghostwolfe PvP- Katianna or Goregoyle

(Updating our info for the forums) And of course, Thank you for your time and effort
Haven't forgot about the thread, I will be purging guilds hopefully within the next few days. We have a lot of guilds that want to be added, but no guild breaking up. If your guild is no longer participating in pve/pvp content, please request to be removed!
Request my guild be removed :) Just casual now. Thanks Shakk !!!
Updated as of 7/8/2012
Feel free to remove <Honorless> from guild recruitment.
<Mentula Celeritas>
10 Mans
Mon/Wed/Sun 7:30 pm - 11 pm CST
Contact Point: Noshanda, Vinyez, Marreh, Condoriano

Pls add us to listing.

PS LF a few raiders
<Bloodsworn Chaos>
RBG Monday, Wensday, Saturday 930 PM server, Arena everyday!
Contact Point: Badiablo
Change the Insight guild website to
PvE -- 10 mans, Guild-Hosted 25 LFR, Acheve Runs, Arena, RBG
Raid Dates & Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm-11pm
Contact: Pabstie, Iczer, Jettaeli
Could you update the Evenfall one with,

New website :

Forum recruitment:
<The Art Of Warfare>

PVE: Saturday 9 - 11PMEST
PVP: Monday & Tuesday 9-11PMEST
**Multi Gaming Platform Clan community** with, 30+ games &server 1600 members
USESl: Teamspeak/Facebook/Twitter/TwitchTV
PvE - 10m; PvP - RBGs, Arenas, World PvP
Raids Fri/Sat: 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm server
Casual raiding, achievements, PvP
Recruiting Contact: Mysstical, Llyrical, Paddfoote, Edèn
<Embers of Fate>
PvE -- 10 man raiding
T/TH/F 7:45-11ishpm
< |Black Label>|

tues. 7:30 - 10:30pm server
thurs. 7:30 - 10:30pm server

two 10m groups

Contact: Vizagoth, Dy, Covers, or Veralyn

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