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I did one of these for the Worgen and the new class combos might as well do one for these guys too:

Pandarenns offer an opportunity to really emphasize the ancient Japanese concept of Zen or Chinese Daoism in your roleplaying. Few races offer the kind of inherent serenity inherent in Pandaren culture. Here are a few short RP ideas for the Pandarens.

Furious Master of the Gentle Blade (Warrior)- It seems strange to be so at peace with the art of war but that is the shape of your soul. Like the monk, warriors have mastered self defense but unlike the monk you do not deceive yourself into assuming that a proficiency in war is the same as a proficiency in life. To you, being a warrior is a cold and professional art of ending lives, not some poetry about inner peace. You have the same deadly grace that all of the great death dealers have shared but your natural Pandaren inner serenity allows you to master your anger better than even the most furious Orc. When the Bezerk is upon you, few dare stand in your way.

The Quiet Wind that Whispers To the World (Shaman)- The Land speaks. Not everyone has the patience to hear it but you do and it has filled your life with wonder. To you, the Elements are gentle friends who speak to you in with low, quiet whispers. While Shaman from other races might share the same skills, the inherent serenity of Pandaren culture makes you more attuned to the natural balance of the universe. You can feel when the Elements are in disharmony because ALL Pandarens know these things. Being a Shaman just makes it easier to do something about it.

The Silence that Fills Graves (Rogue)- Some laugh when they see your natural Pandaren girth. "How can something so big be a rogue?" They all say. But those who have seen you in action say nothing...because they are dead. Despite their size, the Pandarens make excellent rogues. A lifetime of living in mist shrouded forests has given their race a natural stealthiness and subtly. Pandaren rogues have learned to hone that stealth into a razor sharp edge that no warrior or mage would dare face alone...

A River Flowing over Rocks (Monk)- You are the quiet power, the silent strength. Within you flows the universe and around you flows the world. You are a river that flows over rocks and you are also the rocks which the river flows over. While Shaman tap into the Elements and Mages channel the Arcane, you are in touch with your own body in a way few other mortals can dare claim. To a monk, you fight to achieve perfect balance within yourself and by extension, balance to the world around you. Yes, you may use weapons but your true weapon is the body itself.
These are well written, and actually a little poetic. Kudos.
Thanks, as a lifetime role player, I always prided myself on being able to come up with compelling characters. When the Worgen and new class combos came out I wrote one of these to help people pick up new ideas.

I figured since some people are a little stuck for Pandaren RP ideas, this might be a nice way to help them fit their character/class into the game.

Also, I don't know why but I just assumed that Warriors and Monks won't like each other.
Bump so that folks can get a chance to see them.
Loved it. Pandaren really do give me a broader opportunity to role play. I'm working on a monk (Li'ak Thunderfist) and a gladiator (no name yet)
I will point out you mispelled "shamans" in the Monk area. But this is very good. I want to make a Pandarian Monk and this is great for RP! Can't wait to try out the Asian-style RP

Thanks guys.

Here are a two more. I went pretty Daoist with the Mage so bear with that. Again, we don't have that much knowledge about the actual in game Pandaren culture but we do have a lot of knowledge of Asian cultures so that's what these are based on, don't rush off and call any of this Canon lore:

The Seeker of the Way (Mage)- To the Pandaren, the Arcane is just another piece of a larger universe. One tiny branch of a tree that some men might call "The Way". Those who walk the Way have the focus and the patience to understand the ebb and flow of a universe that requires no mortal action to function. Throughout Azeroth, Mages have earned a reputation for dynamic action and pulsing power. But things are different among the Pandaren. Pandaren Mages are masters of Wu Wei or "Action through Inaction", learning to balance their power with patience and strike only when needed. To a Pandaren Mage, walking the Way and channeling the Arcane is to drop a stone into a pond, watching the ripples move across the water...just like the universe moves over us.

The Bow That Turns the Sky Dark (Hunter)- Stories have spread about a powerful Warrior who saw a single arrow fired by a single Pandaren Hunter and turned in retreat. When asked why he feared one arrow, he replied "I do not fear that arrow, I fear it's many brothers." That is what it is like to fight a Pandaren hunter. Pandaren marksmen may not have the legendary accuracy of the ancient Elven archers, but they do have the speed and power to rain down a barrage of mighty projectiles. And even if you might be able to outrun a sky filled with arrows, you cannot hide. Centuries of hunting their prey through the bamboo forests have made Pandaren hunters peerless trackers. None but the brave fight in the forests of Pandaria.

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