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I was speaking with my friend and he was not certain I want to know what is the Max Item level for pve and pvp. I want to be a raider with best gear possible.
Not positive, think it's currently 397, but far as I know you get it via raiding. Always watch the stats though -- last thing you want to do is jump into raiding with gear that's the right level but wrong stats.

And if it's for this toon, check the stickies in the Mage forum to see what to get and how to get it.
Fingers of Incineration Heroic Ragnaros
Ruthless Gladiator's Baton of Light top pvp I believe

That's all going to change when 4.3 comes out though. And you'd have to go through many baby steps before you could get this stuff anyway.
If you're looking at the item level on items instead of the stats you're doing it wrong. First step to being a raider is knowing what stats you want and which you don't. Well... actually probably first is getting to 85, then second is learning to not stand in stuff that glows... so maybe its like step 5 or so. =o)
you do realise that the ammount of people who reach the 'max item level' right now out of 10 or so million subscribers is only 4 people, right?

that's a pretty big dream to have.
Hellscream: look at the timestamps! If you were wondering why jakjak said "397" and not somewhere around 550, that's why. This thread is from near the mid-point of cataclysm.

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