Looking to transfer

Hello all.
I'm a casual player. Can raid 2 nights a weeks (Not Fridays).
But mostly interested in community.
I'm an older player 50.
Hoping to find a guild that can use a rogue.


The community has been improving on this realm as of lately, From what I have seen. There is also many great guilds on this realm for raiding on both the Horde and Alliance side(s).

If you are looking for information on joining a guild on this realm, You may be able to find a great guild by reading these realm forums, Or by checking out the sticky at the top of this forum. =)

As many guilds are recruiting I'm positive a guild will be able to accomodate you if you do decide to transfer to this realm. I'm unsure on how the PvP is here on this realm though as I prefer to avoid it when I can mostly.

Hope you decide to transfer here to Garrosh!
Plenty of raiding guilds.

You won't find that many hardcore progression guilds - in fact, there are none, no one is 7/7H Rag I think.

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