Willing to pay THOUSANDS for...(11/16/11)

Send me a tell in-game, I'll stick around on Alliance.
Hey....caught three cases...

the accident with injuries can possibly hold, but the child abuse and the agg assault will have to be completed tonight. Its now 2200 est and I have yet to secure the warrants. Will plan to be on when I get home until 0600 hours.

I hate dumb people with no self control....

Hey Virian, will be bring the shadow priest over so I will pack those items in her bags...

Like the new look....though I do miss being an Awsome Super powerful Gnome...

On the upside,,,I dont have to jump to look over the high weeds and grass as I stealth through hostile areas...

You don't have me.
If anyone is still following, I am looking for someone who has a Excavator's Brand collecting dust in their bank.
Still have to bring my priest over so if I see on the AH on DS will snag.

11/15/2011 02:02 PMPosted by Virina
In reference to the bow, if you have not done the "stocking the shelves" quest...it shares the same model...

Yeah, that's the problem, the character/person who needs the bow has done the quest. :/

Still searching. I might have to find some 80 raids and tag along, because Heroics aren't dropping the bow; they're only dropping level 77-79 weapons.

i have a military compound bow hydraxis us horde, lemme know :)

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