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Earthen Ring
Are there any Horde guilds on server that are still considered "Social/Casual" guilds that do fun guild events (like Scavenger hunts, guild/realm contests, old achievements, etc..)?

I'm looking for a guild that does *some* dungeons/instances (strictly for valor/justice points), occasional PvP premades, NON-elitists, and like to enjoy ALL of WoW, not just the "end-game" aspects... But most of all, a guild that TALKS to each other, plays together, and shows RESPECT to each other AND the rest of the WoW Community.... all while having FUN!!

Do they even exist anymore??? lol

If the answer is NO, is there ANY interest in such a guild being created on this server?

*edit: I have 2 85's and several lowbies over 40, I would bring all of my chars into the new guild...
I imagine you'll want to look into aie (alea iacta est).

They are a massive guild (they had to break up into several smaller guilds with cataclysm) and they have so much going on they're sure to have something you're after. Ask around for them.
Thanks! I'll check into it. =)
My guild is still doing social/casual events. As a matter of fact we just wrapped up our "Amazing Undead Race" and last night ran our weekly mount run event. Enjoying WoW for what it is in all its forms is the cornerstone on which I founded the guild.

If you haven't found what you are looking for or are just curious why not check us out. Here is the website, http://kamikazerunners.enjin.com.
I joined AIE at the beginning of the month and there is a TON of stuff going on! I am loving it. it's like a breath of fresh air. There is a LFG channel where you can find other guildies to run with. The guild is actually spread across ~7 co-guilds. It is massive and they do all kinds of events...

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