[A] Abraxas - NZ 10man Raiding - 8/8H DS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
4th best guild in NZ. Which makes us the real winners.
Nice! Gogogo H Ultraxion!
392 ele 390 resto shammy hit me up ;) if needed
As mentioned in the recruitment post, we are looking for an experienced resto shaman, with a similarly good Elemental spec. Submit an application on our site and we can discuss things further.
LF Friends and Hugs.
01/18/2012 02:21 AMPosted by Gravarc
LF Friends and Hugs.

Hi i filled out an app on your site a few days ago and still havent heard anything :(
hey there , i didn't bother looking through the whole post i just read what you had to say in the original post
Ive been looking for a NZ based raiding guild for a while now and well this looks awesome !
Assuming the raid times you posed are NZ times this would suit me perfectly
Any who about me ilvl 394 ret , 386 holy (os) was ms in Fl did heroics pre nerf havnt cleared any in ds yet but have 8/8 on both toons and on friday was with a guild and we got unsleeping to sub 1% (900k) ... how disheartening ... willing to server change and sheeeit . Let me know :D
- Riley: We have posted 4 comments on your application already. Please have a look at the application part of the site and click on comments tab.

- Tornsoul: That's fine, the first post is the only important one :) If you're interested in raiding with us, submit an app on our site and we will discuss it.

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